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Performance Benefits of Pressurized Hydration Spray to Drink Spray to Cool Spray to Clean Spray to Share Easy Care Clean H2O Constant Pressure Stable Load

GIEGERRIG Hydration Packs bring a unique and new approach to personal hydration. By Introducing pressurized hydration bladders to the market GEIGERRIG has changed the approach to hydrating while hiking, biking or skiing. Sucking water through a drink tube is laborious, especially when you are sucking wind and keep the two elements separated. With a pressurized hydration backpack you can share with a friend, spray off a wound or hydrate your dog without spreading germs. If your outdoor adventure takes you far from city comforts like running water then you can attach the GEIGERRIG in-line water filter and filter fresh water from a mountain lake or stream. No worries about gear failure when your pack is constructed with ballistic nylon. GEIGERRIG offers a lifetime warranty on all hydration bladders and accessories.