GEIGERRIGTM pressurized hydration systems and in-line water filters reversible, dishwasher safe, plug and play, on the go, Nano technology, one of a kind    

GEIGERRIGTM / Hub City Outdoor invents, operates and innovates as a completely independent company.  With our award winning pressurized hydration systems manufactured in collaboration with the elite factories and engineers at HydrapakTM; and with our unique in-line water filtration systems manufactured in collaboration with the meticulous and highly-principled engineers at AquamiraTM; GEIGERRIGTM has revolutionized, and continues to revolutionize, hydration systems and personal water systems for any and all applications, to include military, recreational, industrial, and medical use.

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GEIGERRIGTM products are the manifestation of various patents, intellectual property and trade secrets.  The team at GEIGERRIGTM are the foremost experts in the finer details of intellectual property, patents, and patent applications associated with pressurized hydration.  There are those who claim "invention" without foundation and the ability to make it happen, and virtually anyone can file a patent application -- Not GEIGERRIGTM. GEIGERRIGTM makes things happen!  We innovate, create, invent, produce and deliver an array of products that perform, truly solve problems, and are now used in the hundreds of thousands by people all over the world.




Co-founder Bob Geiger, after serving as the United States Naval Academy's Honor Chairman, graduated from Annapolis in 1998.  He has a masters degree in business from Boston University.  As a United States Marine Corps Infantry Officer, Bob received awards and recognitions for testing and evaluating the Marine Corps' load bearing systems and chemical and biological warfare suits and equipment which included their integration with the traditional hydration system.  His testing revealed many deficiencies with traditional hydration systems that have informed GEIGERRIG'sTM continued innovations and invention in the field of hydration.  Very real and persistent problems with the traditional hydration systems were systematically identified and quantified, and GEIGERRIGTM has developed, manufactured, engineered and distributed hydration products that simply solve and address each of the problems.

Co-founder Curt Geiger, has over 40 years in the Outdoor Retail Industry.   At the early age of 28, Curt Geiger served as the national sales manager for the largest ski apparel manufacturer in the world.  He studied manufacturing and retail under the direction of Doug Campbell, an icon in the outdoor and ski industry.   For decades, Curt has served in various management, marketing and executive capacities for companies like SeracTM, DescenteTM, HeadTM, Sun IceTM, Kappa SportsTM, Kaepa ShoesTM, etc. Curt has a life of experience in working with iconic brands and in launching new brands and new products.  In 2001, Curt was instrumental in developing, marketing and selling the DNATM brand for skiing, snowboard and eventually mountain biking.  Curt served on the board of the Ski and Snowboard Association for five years.   “If direct, hand’s on customer service, and being treated fairly by your vendor are important considerations for you, then choosing to  do  business with the management team at GEIGERRIGTM is a good move. I have known Curt Geiger for many years, and he has always been fair and worked in partnership with us.”  Craig Levra, Chairman/CEO Sport Chalet

Jason Prigge, GEIGERRIG's chief product engineer, studied industrial Design at the Art Institute of Colorado and has 15 years of Outdoor and Action Sports Industry experience.   His problem solving designs and innovations for outdoor enthusiasts are award winning, and he has designed for OakleyTM, ArnetteTM, OgioTM, KTM MotorsportsTM, EastonTM, TargetTM and Lululemon AthleticaTM.

Craig Ward, GEIGERRIG's Chief Financial Officer, served as a CPA and Co-Founder of Enlix Logistics.  He was the co-founder of Carter Distributing, and he served on the finance team for Marker International.  Craig also has considerable experience as an audit supervisor for KPMG Peat Marwick.

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