Customer Reviews on GEIGERRIG HYdration Packs


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geigerrig_team_abuse_(7).SM.jpg "My son Jason and I just came back from a 3 day cave rescue in NV.  One day there was an above ground "obstacle course" that the team had to negotiate with a patient carrier (Ferno) to get them ready for a underground mock rescue.  Jason was the "Scout" and he was to check out the path that the team and Ferno would travel.   He had to go through the crook of a tree to simulate a tight cave passage, however he got his boot stuck and it took several minutes to get him out.   To make sure that his team or the Ferno wouldn't have the same problem he put his, fully loaded and pressurized, Geigerrig tactical 700 pack in the crook of the tree so that all 17 members of the team were concerned that this would ruin his pack, but he assured them that they couldn't hurt his Geigerrig!   Even after 17 people and a Ferno using it as a stepping stone, his pack didn't have a scratch on it.  The next day I saw my "destroying angel" mercilessly abuse his pack by throwing it down pits, dragging it across cave floors, sitting and standing on it.  As usual the pack was covered in mud and dirt, but survived in perfect shape.  Thanks again for the great pack!!!" - D. and J. Spoons, May 12, 2015

Muddy_Spring_Water.jpg "Holy cow, I've had 2 Geigerrig bladders and extra filter for 2-3 years and last year I was in some of the most remote areas I've been in during elk season and I came to a muddy spring where I scooped up dirty muddy creek water and filled my dads bladder with crystal clear drinking water.  Was quick and my dad was instantly hooked and being a fan just proved that much more why I choose Geigerrig gear."  - AJ Emerick, May 6, 2015

Eagle_Globe_and_Anchor.png"Thank you so much for the Model 1600 GEIGERRIG.  I'm in love.  As a 25 year Marine Corps infantry officer, I was drooling over the design.  It was actually much different that what I thought it was going to look like from the video.  Main feature that I did not pick up on in the video and that I was initially critical of was the though that the bladder fit inside the pack itself rather than in a separate compartment in the back.  Plenty of room to store anything necessary and zippered spaces everywhere.  It is going to Iwo Jima with me."  - M. Kessler, May 6, 2015 

OCR_Racer.png "I have been using my GEIGERRIG for almost a year now and am quick to tell others about it.  As an OCR runner, I love the ability to spray off the mud and dirt that comes with the course as well as the ability to share with friends without actual contact.  I use the RIG 1600 and it is very comfortable and packs a surprising amount of gear.  Thanks for the awesome products..." - J. Moss,  May 6, 2015 

Thank_You.png  "Thank you Geigerrig. Video of my experience with my Tactical RIG 1600."  -  (Click Here for video) [Explicit Lyrics].  - Keith, October 7, 2014

 Customer_Service.jpgI am totally amazed at the customer service I have just received.  Yesterday morning I submitted a warranty claim on the backpack portion of my GEIGERRIG.  The zipper portion was not staying closed.  This morning there was a brand new backpack waiting on my doorstep.  No questions asked.  I have never received such good customer service in my life.  I am super happy with my GEIGERRIG and to combine that with such good customer service, who could ask for anything better.  I have always told my friends how happy I am with GEIGERRIG, now I tell them about how awesome the customer service is as well. -  Jim H.   October 1, 2014


I own almost the complete line of Geigerrig packs.  I use them for all sorts of purposes, but mostly I use the smallest one (The Rig) for mountain biking.  Never have I had a pack that was so well thought out (and I've owned many).   But mostly I want to tell you the story of one of my adventures biking on the trails.   My front wheel got stuck going down a shear rock face and I went over the handlebars.   I did a complete flip and landed on my back.   I give the RIG complete credit for saving me.  I landed squarely on the backpack (otherwise it would have been my spine), the hard plastic back protector and water bag took the brunt of the hit.  It was like someone placed a pillow under me when I hit.  I was grateful to the pack that I was able to get up and walk away.  To my surprise later the water bag didn't even break.  I keep tools for fixing the bike and other various items that I was sure would have punctured the bag but they did not. -  John P.  September 8, 2014

Your pack is amazing.  I couldn't be happier with my purchase.  I have  used many hydration packs before and yours is unrivaled.  The hydration engine is ingenious, easy to maintain, and most importantly, reliable.  It is clear that your company prides itself on quality and craftsmanship.  As people that clearly care about their products and their customers, I felt that you would appreciate the feedback. - M. Saccardi, August 23, 2014


I found out about Geigerrig at an outdoor show right after buying another brand of pack and instantly regretted that purchase.  After adding it to my wishlist, my wife surprised me with a new RIG and the old "pak" hasn't seen the light of day since.  Visions of epic outdoor adventures filled my head as soon as I picked it up.  I've had the 1210 at the kid's soccer games, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, scouting, parades, the zoo, etc.  It's been used to clean, cool, hydrate, haul other gear, water for the dog...  The 1210 has been loaded own and expanded to its max.  It's still very comfortable with 30+ pounds and I attribute that to the straps and overall build quality.  It vents much better than the old pack and stays surprisingly cool even though it's jet black.  I'm amazed by just how much gear this RIG holds (15.6" laptop fits with ease.).  I wouldn't hesitate to throw a backpacking tent and bag on it and go out for a short excursion.  Being able to throw the engine in the dishwasher and blow air through the tube from the engine to clean is genius compared to the time intensive process of scrubbing it out and throwing tabs in my old bladder.  Add in the in-line filter for longer adventures and I'm ecstatic.  My wife has the RIG MOM and loves the thoughtful design and functionality of the insulated pockets, changing station, and overall storage.  With a baby, a 5 and 7 year old, both packs have been incredibly useful for just about anything we do outside.  I only wish you made big game packs and my oldest child wants you to develop a RIG KID.    Highly recommend Geigerrig to anyone that doesn't want to suck anymore. - Tim, 7.22.2014


Iraq War Vet - One Arm - VIDEO   "The best hydration bladder that I've come across, and easy to use one-handed." Mike with Single Handed Solutions -  (click here to watch his video review)


"I just wanted to say that you have one of the best outdoor products that I have come across in years.  I have been using hydration packs for the past 20 years.  From the Nevada desert, to the mountains of North Carolina, and now to our current home of Northern Vermont.  You truly have a great product."  - Ryan F.  April 21, 2014

Disease_Control.png   Microbiologist - Center for Disease Control

"I am still extremely happy years after buying your products.  I'm a microbiologist at the Center for Disease Control and my RIG 1200 has been to more than 7 countries for field work.  The inline virus filter has been such a boon for me in some of the remote and under-developed regions I have worked.  It has kept me safely hydrated without worrying about my water sources.   I have nothing bad to say about your products or service.  The RIG 1200 is the perfect size and design for me."  - Brett W.   April, 8, 2014


"Not much more needs to be said about Geigerrig's growing reputation.   Because the reasons are true.  But their Warranty is also incredible.  I purchased a Geigerrig 1200 through a third party seller.  When a stitching defect of the zipper in the bladder pouch occurred, I attempted to return to the seller and was denied.  I contacted Geigerrig about their 2 year warranty.  Sure enough, I uploaded a photo of the damage and submitted a claim.  I was approved in hours and a new Geigerrig 1200 was on its way.   It arrived 3 days after my first contact with Geigerrig.  Outstanding!" - Jeff F. - April 5, 2014


"Your packs are great and your technology is awesome.  I want to have my staff wearing GEIGERRIG packs, drinking water, staying hydrated and being great.  We are looking to have GEIGERRIG hydration systems because I saw them at the Outdoor Retailer show two years ago and stopped by again this year.   My staff see mine and are jealous of hearing how and why my GEIGERRIG kicks their hydration pack's butt and leaves them sucking on a hose to get water while I'm squirting my face and drinking water easily.  Hope you are having a leak free day (Sorry Camelback.)" -  David R.    - April 2014


"First time out with my new 3L on a 20km ski.  Minus 10 degrees Celsius.  Perfect conditions.  Got the insulated tube for cold weather work.  Fit like a charm.  Feeds through the shoulder straps easy as can be.  Did the lemon freeze dishwasher treatment first.  Worked perfectly.  Nice kit.  Thank you." -  March 7, 2014 - Mike B.  


"When the race was over, all of us felt grateful for having Geigerrig's hydration packs with us that day."   (Click Here For Review from WebyShops)


"I use it all day, every day.  In the home, and on the motorcycle. You have literally changed my life with this product.  I have a pretty rare thing called insipodus.  This means I have to drink gallons of water a day.   I've always had a hard time carrying lots of water, and by having this, I stay hydrated all day.   I will always use a GEIGERRIG.   Keep up the great work." -  G.  Klein

"First, let me say that I don't usually take the time to rate a product, but Geigerrig's exceptional products and customer service deserve one.  The quality and design of these products is excellent!  The slide top on the hydration engine makes it super easy to fill with ice and because you can turn it inside out, it dries in no time at all after use.  The quick connect tubes mean you don't have to re-thread tubes each use to get the bladder out.  My engine has never leaked, and I use this pack even for small trips because it is so easy to clean up after, where I don't like to use my Camelbak unless it was a big trip because it was a hassle to clean and dry afterword.  The 700 ballistic is awesome and is made of really rugged material.   Very solid.  I ordered a second Geigerrig hydraiton engine to use in my old Camelbak Mule, but when that pack wears out, it will definitely be getting replaced with the GEIGERRIG pack.  Geigerrig products are amazing and their hydration engine exceeds all expectation!!!!  Best money you will ever spend on a hydration pack!   December 16, 2013 - Jason Dixon


"I spoke with Geigerrig on (8-27-13) about some problems I encountered with my new Geigerrig 1200. I am no pushover. I have high expectations of purchased items and customer service, but i'm not unreasonable. I had read great reviews about Geigerrig backing their products. They made this process so uncomplicated for me. They recommended a Geigerrig 1210, and explained what I needed to do. Within minutes I received an email invoice. I expected some kind of tracking info to follow at some time. By the time I was checking for tracking info, my new 1210 was sitting at my front door!! On (8-29-13). At this point I'm really happy, I open the package and look over the 1210, like Christmas in August! Next day Im back on bike trails kicking it hard, using the new pack in 100 degree heat, reaping the benefits of hydration "GEIGERSTYLE". I don't even want to imagine not having it when I need hydration. "

Thank you,

Still smiling Gary



"I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge your incredible customer service--right on par with the superiority of your products themselves. I love my Geigerrig 1600 and it gets a lot of use. So when I discovered that there was a tear in one of the seams of the pack, I was super bummed. I figured i would have to find a way to fix it myself but a quick search of your website revealed you user-friendly warranty form. I filled out the form with all of the necessary information (quick and easy) and within five minutes, I had a confirmation email that a new pack was already on its way to me. Wow! You guys are amazing. The new pack arrived two days later, and I'm back up and running. Thank you so much for making a superior product and backing it up with stellar customer service. I recommend Geigerrig to everyone and I plan on purchasing a BANDO pack in the near future. "


Caitlin Larsen

(a very satisfied customer)


"I am a Paramedic/Safety Coordinator working at a remote construction site in South Central New Mexico. At our site, we issue our workers the Geigerrig RIG in Citrus. The bright color makes it easy to locate our worker on the construction site,and it is part of their Protective Personal  Equipment so they always have water available. I tell the workers if any debris flies into their eye, use this as a quick eye wash. If they receive lacerations or abrasions on the site, use these packs to irrigate the wound. The Rapid eye and wound irrigation cannot be done with traditional "SUCK" style hydration packs.  I LOVE THESE PACKS and use them all the time! I am truly converted to these packs now! Thank you so much for an awesome product! -David Garcia. September 2013

"I received a Geigerrig RIG 700 hydration pack as a gift this summer. As the outdoor type of person that I am, living in Telluride Colorado, USA, this pack was perfect. For bike riding, hiking and I'm sure skiing this pack is phenomenal.  I love the pressurized water container as it makes drinking water easy during any activity. I would recommend it to anyone. It is a well made and designed product."  -Ursula Acurio (Telluride Ski & Snowboard School) October 2013


"I have been completely converted to your Hydration Backpacks.  I don't usually write into forums, but I had to say something about how seriously useful this pack is. I spent my whole life growing up in the Southern Alps in the heart of New Zealand's south island.  (Yes it's lord of the rings film stuff.  Our home is near the placed called rerwon, that's where they filmed edoras).   I have been through 14 of your competitors packs in the past 18 years.  However I have had your RIG 1600 for 3 years without complaint and it's been through the usual which is fairly extreme around here.   Credit where credit is due, it's rolled down scree slopes, been buried in snow, covered in sandstone, blasted by UV rays in the sun and not a drop of breakage or fading.  PS, my dog loves it too.   I have trained one to chomp at the water as it sprays out.  Well done.  Please don't stop.  Your research and development team deserves a pat on the back."  - Bryce H.  August 2013



"I have now had my Geigerrig for a year, and absolutely love it for use on my motorcycle.   Here are some pics of how I mount it on the left side of my bike, a Honda ST1100.  I love the fact that the water is instantly present, and if I really don't want the warmer water, I just squeeze the mouthpiece and let it squirt out.  I extended the hose, so it would reach, it is two sections of the original hose length.  Thanks so much and keep up the good work!" - Kent B. - August 2013



"I am a convert.  I love my Geigerrig 1200 and the customer service that came along with it when I had issues.  I bought mine here in Reno, and it was the best decision.  I'm currently in training to hike the 165 mile Tahoe Rim Trail later this summer, and this pack has all the room I need for the day hiking portion and the 3 Liter hydration engine is perfect for the longer 20+ mile days.  Recently it has been on the new 21 mile Rim to Reno trail, and today it made its way in gale force winds to the Mt. Rose summit.  I don't miss my other pack."   Carol J.  - June 2013



"Even though I have never written a review of a product before (and swore I never would), I had to take a moment to share my "Geigerrig Experience".  Last year after much research for a quality hydration system, I found the Geigerrig website.  I was impressed with the concept of not only the pressurization system,m but more practically the ease of cleaning. I talked my wife into purchasing the 1200 system, and she was so impressed we purchased to with the associated in-line filters.  We took the packs on a trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, with hikes every day of our visit.  The performance of the hydration systems were outstanding. I don't think I have ever purchased a product that met my every expectation.  I should add that I am a retired Air Force NCO,  currently working for the Air Force in Colorado, and I do not give praise lightly.   Normally this would be the end of my praise, a quality product that I could whole-heartedly recommend to anyone, but there is more...      I got the packs out for the start of the season this year and noticed a small tear on the zipper fabric in on one of the packs.  I called Geigerrig customer support to see if I could purchase a new pack only, the hydration system was fine.  They asked me when I purchased it, I stated last year but I didn't have the receipt.  they said no problem, they cover the pack for 2 years, and they stand behind their product and they trusted me.  Let me repeat, "THEY STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT, AND THEY TRUSTED ME."   They said they would send me a replacement right away, and the only request was that I send back the damaged pack (at their expense) to see if they could improve quality control.  I received the package within a week!  I opened the package and inside was an entire 1200 pack, including a new hydration system.  I called Geigerrig back and said I only needed the pack, the hydration system was fine, they said 'our mistake', keep the hydration system as a gift from Geigerrig.   When you find an outstanding product, with a management team that stands behind it, I think we have an obligation to other consumers to let them know."   Don B - June 2013


"I just wanted to write you and tell you that list week I was at the park with my 1 1/2 year old and he was playing in the sand.  Another little kid threw sand in his face and it got in his eye.  I had my Mommy Pack from you guys and I was able to wash out his eye then and there.  We were at a park that was 30 mins from our house, so if I was not able to use my Geigerrig he would have really damaged his eye.  Thank you so much for the great product you make.  I will be telling everyone about your bag!!!"  K Sprague,  May 2013

carmel-by-the-sea-2.jpg "A week after my 700 Geigerrig arrived, I was able to break away from work and took a 10 mile day hike.  I set out on foot leaving Carmel-by-the-Sea hiking down the coastal trails to Point Lobos.  I took the upper plateau trail down the south shore.  I was impressed by the way the 700 fit and moved with my body.  Having water so accessible helped me consume water and balance the loss. I had done the same hike 4 times before but at a slower pace with an old school backpack that cramped by style.  This day hike was incredible and the 700 performed magnificently.  The water stayed cool, I didn't feel like I was carrying much of anything.  I took along my Lytro camera a snack, lunch/dinner in case I got stuck, emergency blanket and first aid kit.  It all fit very nicely with room to spare, but the cinch straps stopped the weight from shifting.       I'm 47, due to a serious back injury for nearly 20 years I could not walk more than a mile without collapsing.  The last 5 years I've been on the mend and feel like I'm 24 again.  This is definitely one of the best gifts I've bought myself in years.  It will get me in shape to take the adventure in the Grand Canyon with a 80 lb pack which I'll rig out with the water bag itself int he pack and use it at night once camp is set up.        5 Star Review   Price/Value*****  Customer Service***** Comfort*****  Functionality/Storate*****  Quality Product*****  "    Greg T.  February, 2013

Photographer_Image.jpg "Well I have treated this GEIGERRIG RIG 1600 the way I treat any pack, more as a tool for my trade. As an avid outdoorsman and cold weather adventure guy, this pack has delivered in -24 degree temperatures.  I am sure I've been out when it's colder but that is where my vehicle's temp gauge stops.  My last trip I was in desperate need of a coyote picture no matter the weather.  I had time, and was going to try.  I had written an article and to finish things up I wanted a quality picture showing the curious critter making its way into a Wildlife Technologies call.    This pack (GEIGERRIG RIG 1600) was comfortable and its zippers held up being overstuffed with extra cloths, food, and camera gear.  When you go out in the extreme weather of Montana, water is the number one thing your body needs, this pack worked great.  The camera didn't that day; but I had water to enjoy while this frustrated outdoorsman made it back to my vehicle.  *Note: I gave away my Camelbak, no need to keep something that wasn't needed.  My rule is to only have one of something, and thus the pack that was the lesser of the two was gone."  - Gus W.  -  February, 2013

Everest-SM.jpg "Our Everest team used the Geigerrig 1600 pack all the way through our training expedition this October.  We were on Everest 30 days and never purchased a bottle of water the entire 40 day trip.  We used the hydraiton system with ever stream runoff from the Glaciers of Everest we needed and it worked great!  Some of the team that did not have them got Giardia.  My climbing partner and I did not.  We used the bladder and pump system in our own climbing packs on the climb to the summit of Island Peak 22,000 feet.  We will make our Summit Bid for Mount Everest over a 75 day period starting April 1 of 2013 and will be using your system every step of the way.  Can't say enough about your product!" -  Facebook Post from Climb 4 Sobriety, Nov. 2012

Saved_Eye.jpg  "GEIGERRIG Saved My Eye - I bought The Rig to use as hydration for trail riding in Colorado.  About 20 miles out my buddy ran out of gas.  So we decided to transfer some gas out of my fuel injected KTM to his bike.   There is a quick disconnect on the fuel tank and being the brilliant guy I am, though this would just drain some fuel right into his tank.  I pushed on the disconnect valve and voila 1000 psi of pressure shot gas right in my eye.  We used The Rig to immediately flush my eye.  Then dissassembled it and used the drink tube to siphon some gas the old fashioned way.  The pressurized system saved my eye and then the tube got us home.  When I called customer service to order a new tube, the sent me one free of charge!  Great company, great product, and great customer service.  I will never ride without my Rig!"  Brent H., Nov. 2012

"STELLAR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I had a friend pick me up a RIG 700 and in-line filter as well.  I then found I needed a part for my pack.  So I thought okay no big deal, searching online and found several retailers pricing these parts at $12-$18 plus shipping.  I thought I would try the GEIGERRIG website too.  I called the number on the site and who but Mr. Geiger himself answered the phone.  He politely explained what I needed, transferred my call, and had another polite employee mail me the part for FREE with FREE shipping a day later.   Impressed is an understatement.  I shutter to think how another hydration company would have dealt with me." - Zack B.  Nov. 2012

Tough_Mudder_RIG_500.jpg "Just wanted to say how awesome the Geigerrig 500 was at Tough Mudder Tir-State 2012.  Not only did it keep me hydrated during the entire 12 miles, but it had enough space to hold my energy gels, Clif Bars, a bottle Gatorade, and a banana!  It even helped out a team member with muddy glasses by spraying the mud off!  It took quite a beeting, but held up perfectly.  Thanks for making such an amazing prdouct!" - Godfrey M. , October 2012

Bear_Attack-sm.png "I purchased a 1200 Pack this spring for a Scouting High Adventure trip to Moab Utah.  We took the boys to Moab in the middle of June so we could stay out of the heat as much as possible. It was still in the high 90s every day. I loved my GEIGERRIG and it was especially useful as we biked the Slick Rock Trail and hiked in Arches National Forest.  The pack worked flawlessly and I knew I had found my new favorite piece of gear.         In July, I took my young family camping in Yosemite National Park.  Our 2nd day there, we took our 3 kids up the Mist Trail all whte way to the top of Vernal Falls. By the end of the hike, we were all pretty tired and we failed to follow the bear policy of the park.  We left the Geigerrig with some gronola bars on the picnic table instead of the safe bear box.  When we woke up in the morning, the pack was gone!!  We filed a lost and found report, but never heard anything from the park service. Sex weeks later, we got the call we had been waiting for.  They found our backpack about a month after it was taken and it was about 2 miles from our campsite.  They confirmed they had our camera that had all our pictures of our hik.  Well when we got the backpack, there were huge holes all over the pack.  Claw marks and bite markes covered the pack.  The thing that was amazing to me, was that the bladder was still intact.  Although you couls ee where there were bite markes on the bladder, it still held wat without leaking and was able to inflate the bladder as well!  I can't use the pack anymore, but the bladder survived the bear attack!  Way to go, great product."  - Steve M.,  October 2012

US_Army.png "Love your products, I was able to pick up a 1200, and it has to be one of the most versatile packs that I have hever had.  The only problem is that I am unable to wear it with my uniform.  Which leads me to the question of, when do you expect for the tactical versions to be released?" - Tyler R., October 2012

Hydration_Pack_._Sprays_._Geigerrig_._Pressurized_Hydration_System.jpg"Very prompt, generous and super customer service.  Your representative was informative and enthusiastic without being pushy, the product truly sells itself.  Everything that was challenge and frustration for other water bladders we have owned is satisfied in the Geigerrig system.  We will definitely be purchasing some for gifts and highly recommend Geigerrig." - Angela, October 2012

Kilamanjaro-small.jpg "Geigerrig at the top of Uhuru, Kilimanjaro....19,340 feet it performed perfectly. We had hand warmers in the tube garage compartment and it kept the nozzle from freezing.  Yep, all the way to the top of the world."  -Spencer, October 2012

Hunting_Dog.jpg "I just returned from my second hunt at Prairie Grouse Haven on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in SD, where we hunted prairie chickens and shaptail grouse again in 85 degree temps with dogs for four days!  The dogs love the GEIGERRIG hydration engine, drinking naturally from it and cooling off with water sprayed on their undersides.  Wetting down their under legs, chests and tummies is key to keeping them from overheating, which can be fatal.  My fellow hunters also had dogs (7) and the took to the Geigerrig as well..."  - Scott W., October 2012

mormon_missionaries(2).jpg "WOW!!! Thanks you so much! What great customer service!!!  I just wanted to let you know how much my son has loved this hydration pack.  In fact, so much so, that every 'missionary to be" we have sent to Holmes Clothing and have recommended this very backpack.  Holmes has told us on several occasions that the people we recommend always say 'we want the backpack that J. Dalton got' because he so highly recommends it- even still! So this makes it that much better." - L. Dalton, October 2012

Love_My_RIG_1600_Alot_SM.jpg "I love the way my GeigerRig RIG 1600 fits snuggly on my body.  Whether I am hopping from boulder to boulder or running a section of the trail, my Rig 1600 hugs my body, without any sway.  I am one with my RIG!" - Catherine W., Sept. 2012


"I have to say your product is phenomenal, I've been using it every day since I've received it. I purchased the RIG 700 a few weeks ago for the spartan "BEAST" race." - Alan A., Sept. 2012


"I am a firearms instructor for a major metropolitan police agency.  I started using the Geigerrig Rig 500 about 4 months ago.  I was skeptical when I first filled it.  I didn't put any ggear in the pack, confident it would be soaked by a leaking seal or seam by the end of the first day.  I filled my trusty Nalgene bottle as a backup water supply as we had a long day on the rifle range ahead of us in the Texas summer heat.  I was dubious that a pressurizedd bladder could be any improvement over the conventional hydration bladders already on the market. I was wrong.  The bladder was easy to pressurize and delivered consistent stream of water for a lot longer than expected between repressurizations.  I was evaluating some of our officers shooting their rifles and one of the more gung-ho officers was using an AR-15 with a comensator. These devices direct the muzzle gases out to the sides and can wreak havoc on the sanity of officers shooting in close proximity, particularly while shooting from the prone position.  Due to the tremendous muzzle blast that was diverted towards him, the office to the direct left of the comensated AR received a face full of dust and sand in his eyes, despite using wrap-arounds lenses.  Unable to continue shooting until he regained his vision, I knelt down beside the officer and used the RIG 500 to deliver a moderate stream of soothing water to his eye.  I doubt ther is anyway that grafit and a conventional hydration system could have delivered the water pressure necessary to clear this officer's ey of the grit.  Thanks Geigerrig!" - Officer A. Capron.

Hunting_Image.jpg "Overall, this is by far the best hydration system I have ever encountered.  I'm very impressed with the durability and ruggedness of the bladder itself. The pressurized system is very cool, and really nice to have in the backcountry.  I was able to share water with my toddler son who sometimes has had some difficulting sucking water from typical systems.  The filter works great as well. I think this should be a must carry for all hunters in the field.  Especially since it is compatible with anything. And the price was reasonable as well." - Brad C. , July 2012

SHERIFFS-DEPARTMENT1.gif "I don't know if you are the point of contact that came to our Sherrif's Office and talked to my SWAT team commander, but I wanted to let you know that the day I saw the Geigerrig, I went out and bought one.  I use it for everything that I do from working SWAT and JCAT to working out, hiking and mountain biking.  By far the best water hydration system I have ever used in civilian and military operations, so thank you."  - Mike D. , July 2012

Search_and_Rescue.jpg  Geigerrig_SAR_-_SMALL.jpg "I found the Geigerrig when looking for a hydration system to fit my Columbia Rescue Stryker Patrol Pack.  Every detail and feature of the GeigerRig is superior to the competition." - Michael A. , Search And Rescue, July 2012 

Ward_Luthi_-_Walking_The_World.jpg "I've been designing and leading hiking trips around the world for 30 years.  The GEIGERRIG is one of the most innovative new products to emerge in years. Most importantly, with the GEIGERRIG, people tend to drink more water. And that makes the GEIGERRIG worth its weight in gold."  - Ward Luthi, Owner, Walking the World - July 2012

RIG_1600_Gunmetal_Citruas_-_Back_-_XS.jpg"Just received my Geigerrig 1600 . Good quality, well designed with everything seeming to be just where you want it. Also nice finishing touches, such as expandable hip pockets on the belt, zip covers etc. Small things but they all add up to an impressive product."   Andy A.  Hong Kong, July 2012

Paul_T._Geigerrig_1600.png "I love my Geigerrig, I use it everywhere.  As soon as I bought it, my family and I went for a bike ride and one of my kids fell and I got to use it to clean out his cut.  I also used it on my recent deployment to the middle east.  And I was the talk of the training with that new thing I had on my back.  Troops were amazed.  I plan on getting one for each member of my family... Keep em coming." Paul T.  June 2012

ADV_Rider_Image.jpg "I am still using the same pack and it is still working great -- what an outstanding product!! I hav eused it to cross the country on motorcycle several times and in the Los Angeles to Barstow to Las Vegas motorcycle run accross the desert, as the AMA District 37, Desert Dash, and in working a ranch and hunding wild hogs down in the deep Texas thickets.  I went Road Racing in 2011 all across the Southern California circuit and into Nevada and the system cam with me every step of the way, never failing to perform or carry any extra gear. I just completed a 2,400 mile motorcylce road trip to Colorado, to the national BMW RA Rally while having to navigate the soutehr US desert in 105+ degrees temps and used the pack to stuff everything necessary to address the drastic change in temps as I went from below sea level to elevations above 11,000 feet, in fact many times I overstuffed the pac and again it never let me down or failed to deliver in its operation.  I am currently planning several more "rides" in the coming months, and will be using the RIG in ever one of them --" Edward B. June 2012

Utah_Innovation_2012_-_Geigerrig.jpg Consumer Products Award Video (Skullcandy Fix Technology, GEIGERRIG Hydratin Pack, HZ0 Waterblock)

Love_My_RIG_1600.png "I love my RIG 1600 and everything Geigerrig!  I always want the best gear.  Geigerrig is it.  Simply brilliant design.  Thank you."  Catherine W.  June 2012

Adv_Rider_Snap.jpg "Busted my ladder buckle on my bag in a huge crash as you may have seen ... the bag held up well but I think when I came off my should must have pulled up tight and I broke the plastic ladder buckle to hold the strap to the padded shoulder strap... my fault no worries ... I tied the lower strap to the padded ladder strap and kept on going and bag held up fine...   In fact it was real good to have, as I used the bladder to clean my rad so I could fix the hole in it to get me home.  My ride buddy's were like how cool is that... you will sell a few more hehehehe.. it was also great for playing tricks on the boys whilst riding...great fun shooting water over your shoulder at winter morning temps.   Anyways I love the bag... love the service ... love the hydration system ... great product. - Sean O.  May 2012.

Golf_Geigerrig_3.jpg "Golf Geigerrig!"  Kory W.  May 2012

HARP_LOGO_336x280_(2).jpg Hydration_Pack_._In-Line_Filter_._Geigerrig_._Narrow.png"We chose GEIGERRIG for several reasons.  The inline filtration system is key for an area like Sudan where clean water is scarce, the pressurized hydration engine, spray to drink, allows us to also share out water supply with those in need without the risk of contamination, and the durability of this product keeps us confident that our rig will last through even the toughest of terrains."  - Burke Bryant (Video Link)

Pack_Saved_My_Back.png "...your pack saved my back.  I think that the forces involved where higher than some of your 100 mph tests easily.  Your stuff rocks!" - Brian K.  May 2012  (Video Submitted - Click Here)

  My_Husband_Loves_This.png  "First off, my husband has been begging for this ever since he saw it!  He does a lot of outside mininstry and thought it would be perfect, which it is!" - Lori May 2012

1200_Camo_Back_-_Small.jpg Thank you for your quick responses and service.  For the short time that I have owned the RIG 1200, I absolutely love it.  It is so much more efficient than any of the other hydration packs I have owned.  I'm glad I stumbled onto your fantastic product.  I will make sure to spread the word on your GEIGERRIG products." - Joseph K.   May, 2012

RIG_SHUTTLE_HAND_HELD-xxSM.jpg  "I just received my Geigerrig Shuttle today that I order from First off, wow. You can really 'feel' the quality of this pack. Even outside hydration packs its rare to find products of this caliber. The bulk of its use will be from mountain biking but the flexibility of being able to mount it to my motorcycle  was appealing."  - Andrew S. - April 2012

500_Black_-_Back_XXXS.jpg"Hi, I just purchased your Geigerrig 500 and have just come back from my normal mountain bike ride about 15 miles of trails. Just want to let you know that you are right on the money when you said that people drink about 30% more with this system.  I was halfway through the ride when I noticed that I couldn't get any more water to come out.  I squeezed the bulb to repressurize the bladder.  Nothing happened.  I stopped and took off the pack to see what was wrong.  Was I surprised to find that the bladder was empty.  I now realize that I should have bought the 100oz bladder.  What I want to know is if the 100oz bladder will fit in the 500 pack and is it possible to have two bladders in the pack and just swap them out when one is empty using the quick release hoses. The pack itself is also great,I could feel it actually circulating  the air on my back. And with the pressurized bladder and compression straps, the weight was evenly distributed all along the back rather than having all the weight hanging at the bottom. Made the feel lighter than it actually was. Great product and thanks in advance for your answer."  - Jesse S. - April 2012 (Note: Yes the RIG 500 can holster a 3L Hydration Engine.)

Upgrading_To_GEIGERRIG_(1a).jpg "I love my Geigerrig hydration engine so much that I adapt it to my other packs.  The drink tube and air tube route easily out of my pack and down my shoulder strap.  The insulated tube garage works great too.  It keeps the water from heating up in the sun while I am hiking so that my first few sips of water are not 'hot water'.   Upgrading my other packs to Geigerrig was quick, easy and I was very happy to find that all the Geigerrig parts fit perfectly on my other packs.  I love it."  Debbie S.   April 2012  (Point of Note - You don't need to sip out hot water from your drink tube as you can now spray the warm water out of the drink tube until it gets to the cold water.  However...we did add the insulated tube and tube garage as a method to help insulate the water in the tube.)

filter_faq_image_small.jpg"I've been looking hard for the past week for a new backpack / hydrapak, but never did I ever fathom coming across a spacial backpack and WATER PURIFICATION  system in one!  HOLY AWESOMENESS!!!!  Actually, F#%@#ING BRILLIANT!!!!" - Brad R.  April 2012

Hydration_Pack_Map_._Australia.jpg"I just wanted an opportunity to tell you how amazed and happy I am to have bought my Geigerrig before my trip to Australia.  I am currently working over here for the YMCA and climbing around the continent.  I have field tested and run your rig into the ground and it passed every test with flying colors.  Soon it will be doing some more multi-pitch in the Arapiles Mountains in Victoria." - Chris J.  April 2012

Hiking_Family_Geigerrig.jpg    "A couple of months ago I was checking in on a private Facebook group...that I participate in, and I saw a post from a fellow blogger that was educating the rest of us on the Geigerrig Hydration Pack...   She explained the product in short, and the details regarding the ski passes you guys were providing with pack purchase.    As soon as I had a free moment, I spoke with one of your rep's at length.  Being in an active family, we're constantly using our 'other' hydration packs and I've come to learn there are so many aspects of them that I find frustrating.  Just a few moments into your rep's small overview of your product, I was totally and completely sold.  So many of the things I've hated about our previous packs are totally solved with your innovation.  I bought one instantly.  It is ideal for family use." - Lindsey P.  April 2012

500_back-SMALL.jpg"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my GEIGERRIG 500!  My friend and I both own the 500 (he has the citrus, and I, the ballistic).  We have used them on the trails, in the canyons, and on our long runs in the Salt Lake area.  We both replaced our previous packs with the GEIGERRIG because of the pressurized system.  Sharing water, cleaning the road rash after all, or cooling off with a spray is why we love this pack!  This is, by far, the best hydration pack we have seen and look forward to the new innovations."  - Logan C. , April 2012


"Today I decided that I would take my Geigerrig 500 pack to class and try it out on the kids.  WOW did this work well. Thanks to the "no suck" feature of the pack, when the kids became thirsty I just squirted water into their mouths through their helmet grill.  I did not need to take their helmets or gloves off for them to get a drink.  This saved us a lot of time and disruption of the class and the kids loved it!!  For now on I will take my hydration pack to class when the kids spar.  Thanks again for such a great product." - Debbie S. - March 2012

Hydration_Pack_Convert.png FROM THE OFFICE -"The new guy in our office picked up a Geigerrig recently.  He was raving about how it's the greatest hydration pack every.  We just nodded in that "all-knowing" way."   Brian M.  - March 2012

Hydration_Pack_Convert.png"First of all, I just wanted to say that I just recently discovered your product - and I am absolutely fascinated. I came a cross a guy on the bike trails this weekend with one of the larger packs - and I kept wanting to hear more. It put my camelbak to shame." -  Clifton D. - March 2012

Hydration_Pack_Convert.png"My wife already had an Osprey brand hydration bladder inside of an REI pack, both of which she was very happy with, partly due to performance, and also the color, which she is very particular about. After seeing how well my rig worked, she became less happy with the performance of her setup, and became less resistant to the idea of just putting one of your engines in her pack. At any rate, you've got one more customer that couldn't be happier with the performance of your product, and your company. I myself was already a walking advertisement for product, when I tell people about your customer service they are equally impressed, as am I. I only wish more companies cared as much about quality control and customer relations."  Chris L March 2012

Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine.png"Hands down, greatest hydration system I've ever owned!! I'm a hiker/trail runner and when you're mid hike up a 45 degree hill, the last thing you want to do is suck in water. It's great being able to squirt the water into your mouth, even if just to get your mouth wet. First outing with my new bladder, I pressurized the 3L engine and went on a little hike (3miles), it was raining and windy, so I hit the peak I was aiming for and turned around ASAP to run back down the mountain, on my way back my pack opened up (Not a geigerrig pack) - My mistake for not getting one from all the shaking my running was creating. Got back to my car and obviously noticed the open pack, but didn't notice that I had dropped the bulb while running. Finally noticed when I got home. I went back the next day to look for it, but it was a sunny day and many people had already been up hiking and someone must've found it. Anyways, I drank maybe a quarter of my water during the 3mile hike, so I left the bladder pressurized hoping I could still use it the next day, to go look for the bulb, I woke up the next day and the bladder held a pressure for 24hrs!! Bottom line: Geigerrig's hydration system is awesome!! I will recommend it to anyone willing to listen. Their customer service is great too!! Replaced the bulb ASAP!!  Thanks Geigerrig!!"  -Tyler M. March 2012-

"I like that is sprays, and that it is durable" -Brian R. March 2012   Bomb_Test_Video.jpg   Click Here To Watch Contained Bomb Test Video

Geigerrig_Easy_to_Clean_._Hydration_Pack_._Hydration_System.jpg Geigerrig_In-Line_Filter_._Hydration_Pack_Filter_._Filtering_Hydration_Pack.jpg Hydration_Pack_Convert.png  "I love how well thought the overall design is!  I LOVE that it can go in the dishwasher!  I LOVE that you can us a filter!  I LOVE that it is pressurized!  Yes, I LOVE that you were thinking when you (whomever YOU are) designed this!  MUCH better than the Camelbaks we own."  - Amy L. March 2012

Geigerrig_Spray_to_Drink_._Mountain_Biker_._Hydration_Pack.jpg "It's F#@$! sick!" - Jonathan S.  March 2012

"What more could you ask for.  I love the spray the best.  It's all around the best hydration pack."  - Kyle W. March 2012

Hydration_Packs_._Spray_to_Share_._Kids_._Geigerrig.png"I Love everything about my Geigerrig hydration pack.  I love that it sprays and that I can share it with my kids.  I love that I never have to worry about running out of water because of the in-line filter. I also love that you can clean it by putting it in the dishwasher."  - Ben B. March 2012

Nasty_Camelback.jpg Nasty_Hydration_Bladder.jpg VS Geigerrig_Easy_to_Clean_._Hydration_Pack_._Hydration_System.jpg Dishwasher_Safe_._Geigerrig_._Top_Shelf_._Hydration_Pack._small.png    REVERSIBLE RESERVOIR THAT IS DISHWASHER SAFE -  "I love that you spray the water into your mouth and you don't have to suck it out.  I love the fact that the pack has compartments for other things, not just the pouch.  I love that you can take the pouch out and wash it in the dishwasher.  We have had multiple experiences with other camelbacks that leak and ultimately have to be thrown away because they start to grow mildew and mold.  Thank you for a quality product that actually works and can be reused for years to come!!!!" - Nefi G.  March 2012

Geigerrig_Spray_to_Cool_._Hydration_Pack_._Spray.jpg "I love my new Geigerrig hydration pack because I never run out of water for drinking, spraying...showering and sharing a spray with a friend on a hot day...eve if the friend has 4 legs."  - Jane S.  March 2012

Hydration_Pack_._Passport_Program.png "I love the spray and cleanability.  I feel save with the filtration for hiking.  The toughness of the hydration bladder and its lifetime warranty.  I also love the mountain passport for skiing." - Sam N. March 2012

" Mountain passport was awesome!  I was able to got resorts I have never been to and I really enjoyed them and want to go back."  - Nicole K.  March 2012

Hydration_Pack_Convert.png  "I love the design. You see, I used to have the camelbak, and I hated how deep and dark the pockets were.  I could never find anything without opening it up all the way.  No I have a nice little front pocket with dividers and separate compartments that fit everything I need.  I also love the bladder and its multiple uses and options.  For instance, if I pick up a raspberry, or get too much mud on my rotors, I have a way to clean it up right on the trail.  If I am on a backpacking trip, and run out of water, I have a way to filter and clean pond water.  Also, it seems very durable." - Casey G. March 2012

Compatible_With_Any_Pack_._Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine_._Hydration_Pack.pngHydration_Pack_Times_2.png      "Better than the competition, and the mountain passport sealed the deal (twice!)" - Ben M. March 2012

"Totally awesome!  Am planning on buying a larger Geigerrig hydration pack this summer." - Joe T.  March 2012

Hydration_Pack_._In-Line_Filter_._Geigerrig_._Narrow.png"I bought the RIG 1600 hydration pack for me and the 700 hydration pack for my wife.  Both the with the filter system.  We plan on using them for night hikes, off roading, and biking."  - Sam D.  March 2012

"I love the ballistic nylon for canyoneering."  - Amy C.  March 2012  Click Here To Learn More About the Ballistic Nylon

"I love that you don't have to suck, you can spray in your mouth and many other things.  I like the way the hydration pack fits on my back, it's just so much more comfortable and convenient!" - Pamela W.  March 2012

Geigerrig_Easy_to_Drink_._Runner_._Hydration_Packs.jpg"I am excited to use my hydration pack for my upcoming Triathalon this summer.  I think it will help my time with being able to use lake water and continue on my bike.  I am also way excited about the ski passes I received with it!  Thanks! - Kandice D.  March 2012

Hydration_Pack_Convert.png"My sister bought me a hydration pack because we are both runners and skiers.  Now we are planning on using our ski passes thanks to Geigerrig.  I bought this because a friend told me about the spray feature.  I have worn out a couple of camelbaks dirt biking, and I needed a new one.  This came with free mountain passes so this was a no brainer."  - Olivia L.  March 2012

"Pressurized lines are awesome.  I needed a camelbak type bag with lines that don't freeze in the mountains."  - Jordan C.   March 2012

"I FELL IN LOVE INSTANTLY!!!  The pack is perfect, the spray rocks, the filtration is intelligent, the cleanability is amazing!  and I love snowboarding!" - Christ A. March 2012

Hydration_Pack_Convert.png"At first, I didn't think the the spray feature was very necessary, but now I think it's great and I don't know why it isn't a standard feature across the board.  I'm really excited about the passport too."   - Michael A. - March 2012

Hydration_Pack_Convert.png"I love everything about it!!!  I used my fox hydration pack but it doesn't have the pressurization to spray!  Now I can share my water with my friends that always forget their water bottles!  Plus its just a whole lot better.  It seems like it will hold up a lot better and last a lot longer than my other hydration pack!!!  It is a great hydration pack and the skullcandy passport is just a big bonus to an already great deal!!!" - Garrett R. - March 2012

"I got the RIG 1600 pack and I love the space and the look and the spray benefits as well as the mountain passport.  Love it all - Very durable, I love not Sucking!!!  Great pack and easy to wash.  Than you for a great product!  I am looking forward to getting the filtration module.  - Kent H.  March 2012

Geigerrig_Refill_in_Pond_._In_Line_Filtration_._In_line_filter_._hydration_pack.jpg"I was sold the minute the representative showed me the spraying feature, then the closer was the filter system.  I hut and fish year around...So, being able to fill up at a stream, river or lake will make my days longer and my load much lighter!" - Adam S. March 2012
Compatible_With_Any_Pack_._Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine_._Hydration_Pack.pngHydration_Pack_._In-Line_Filter_._Geigerrig.png"I am hoping the hydration packs and filters are there since I have already been down to the shop twice for them (and they were sold out)!  Last night, I couldn't contain myself and had to tell the sales person about our experience with the RIG 1600 hydration packs....a lady and her husband were in the hydration area and she started asking questions about our experience with them... well, the sales person mentioned to me she ended up buying 6 of the RIG 1600s!  My son and I spoke to my wife this morning on her return from Mexico and showed her all of the coolness of the Geigerrig hydration systems and she wants to get 4 more with the filtration!!  So, I am hoping there are some filters there today (this week!).  Thanks for some great technology that solves some real problems!!" - K. Hansen - March 2012

rig-700-thumb.jpg "Thanks Matt!  I purchased the Geigerrig Hydration System 700 series hydration pack in January 2012.  Since that time I have used it during ski trips to Northstar and Heavenly and look forward to using it during future ski days this season to Alpine Meadows and Squaw.  I love it!  I was always irritated with the 'old' style packs.  They suck!!! I have been recommending to my friends and anyone that asks - a define 5 star hydration pack." Mike H -Feb 2012-

Hydration_Pack_._Passport_Program.pngCompatible_With_Any_Pack_._Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine_._Hydration_Pack.png "I have been meaning to email you about your wonderful hydration packs.  We were in Salt Lake City in early February and stopped in at a local outdoor shop.  We had flown in from Washington D.C.  My sister, also vising from D.C., had been in to the shop the day before and called to tell me about your packs and the passport.  We were helped by two of your staff, Ryan and Derrik.  They were amazing.  They explained all about the packs to us and then went through the passport.  They were very knowledgeable and passionate about your product and the skiing in Utah.  On their recommendation we went to Snowbasin, using the passport and the packs.  It ended up being our favorite ski day of the trip.   ....My brother flew in from Richmond and bought 4 packs.  We ended up with probably 25 packs total and are donating the extras to the Boy Scouts in VA.   I will be skiing this weekend in New Mexico and plan to use both the passport for Angelfire and the pack for another great day.   Sorry for such a long email, but I really wanted to let you know how much we liked your product and how great Ryan and Derrick were."  - Karen B.

Hydration_Pack_._St_George_Utah.jpg "I'm a geology / ecology instructor for Dixie State College in Saint George.  I work exclusively for the Road Scholar programs and lead hiking / biking / cross country ski / snowshoeing trips to all the national parks and monuments in Southern Utah, Grand Canyon and Death Valley.  In fact I just got back from spending 4 weeks in Death Valley hiking.  I had 3 programs with 35 people in each.  I don an average of 28 trips a year from 5-10 days each with a total of over 1,000 people from all over the world.     ....I was on my way home and stopped in Saint George and met a representative of yours demonstrating the Geigerrig hydraion system.  I can't believe I didn't know about your incredible system until last Saturday!  Unbelievable!  I have been going through about a pack a year of your competitors camelbak systems.  I'm frustrated because I just bouth 2 of their packs in January, (enough to last me the year).  I'm hard on gear.  I use it and use it and use it.  Mine doesn't sit on a shelf or closet like some and only get picked up once or twice a year.  I use mine 52 weeks a year.   As soon as I saw your incredible system I bought one (the RIG 1600 system).  I also bought on of the filter systems..."  - Darrell M. Feb. 2012  (Full Geigerrig Hydration Pack Demonstration Video)

500 Citrus"Rarely do I use a product and think, "This is amazing." However, that is exactly what I thought after using my Geigerrig for the first time on the slopes this week. Products come across my desk all day long (I'm a marketing manager for a large e-retailing company), but only a few products have ever stuck with me like the experience I had with my rig 500. I just thought I'd write and thank you guys for developing such a great product. I've already bought my wife and father one and wish you tons of success." -Mike N. Feb 2012-  (Wow, Why Didn't I Think of That! - Video)

Geigerrig_Spray_to_Drink_._Mountain_Biker_._Hydration_Pack.jpg  "I like that it sprays and makes it easy to drink out of, it seems like it will be a great pack to take with me on hikes and outside.  It's also nice that the passport was included - not the reason I bought the pack, but definitely a huge perk." –Dyna R. Feb 2012- 

Geigerrig_Refill_in_Pond_._In_Line_Filtration_._In_line_filter_._hydration_pack.jpg Hydration_Pack_._In-Line_Filter_._Geigerrig.png"The filtration system is probably my favorite part of the hydration pack, I’m excited to get fresh mountain water and drink it right out of the stream!" –Josh G. Feb 2012-   (Filter Video)

Dishwasher_Safe_._Geigerrig_._Top_Shelf_._Hydration_Pack._small.pngHydration_Pack_._In-Line_Filter_._Geigerrig.png  Reversible reservoir that is dishwasher safe -  "I really love how easy it is to clean. The spray is awesome too, but the filtration capability is great for a particular trip we are going on this year - Inca Trail Machu Picchu." –Casey B. Feb 2012-   (Compare these two options for cleaning a hydration pack - Standard Cleaning Vs. Geigerrig Cleaning)

Compatible_With_Any_Pack_._Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine_._Hydration_Pack.png Dishwasher_Safe_._Geigerrig_._Top_Shelf_._Hydration_Pack._small.png  Geigerrig_Spray_to_Drink_._Never_Suck_Again_._Hydration_Pack.jpg  "The idea of not having to suck for water is nice.  The backpack has enough room that I can use it for hunting and take what I need in the pack.  I really like the way the hydration reservoir is reversible to clean it." –Jim N. Feb 2012-    (Compare these two cleaning options - Standard Hydration Pack Cleaning Vs. How to Clean a GEIGERRIG)

Compatible_With_Any_Pack_._Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine_._Hydration_Pack.png "I received it as a gift and have only had it a short time. However, I have already noticed all the awesome benefits it has over other hydration packs. I love how it has vented back and large pads for comfort. It looks like this pack can take a lot and I'll be as gentle as possible but it's still going to take a beating with the things I enjoy doing." –Colton F. Feb 2012- 

Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine.pngGeigerrig_Easy_to_Clean_._Hydration_Pack_._Hydration_System.jpg  "Being able to turn the hydration reservoir inside out is a major draw card, the spray benefits could be great for cleaning injuries although I haven`t needed it yet and the passport of course is great." –Darren T. Feb 2012- 

Geigerrig_Share_With_Your_Friend._Hydrate_Your_Dog_._Hydration_Packs.jpgGeigerrig_Easy_to_Clean_._Hydration_Pack_._Hydration_System.jpgGeigerrig_In-Line_Filter_._Hydration_Pack_Filter_._Filtering_Hydration_Pack.jpg  "I love that it sprays and we can hydrate the dog as well. I also like the ease of filling from the river due to the wide mouth and the inline filter. My wife loves the fact that it is dishwasher safe. We also like all the pockets." –William A. Feb 2012-  (Dog Hydration With Your Hydration Pack Video)

Compatible_With_Any_Pack_._Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine_._Hydration_Pack.png "I love how durable the water bag is.  It is very well built with plenty of compartments for separating items and it's a great size that sits high on the back so as to not get in the way during mountain biking." –Brett B. Feb 2012- 

"Just bought it but I am extremely impressed with the value.  The value is the most impressive thing because I didn't really pay more for the pressurized system compared to a sucking system and the attention to quality and detail is second to none. I own an osprey exos 58 which I use as my main backpack for overnight trips and I will use the GEIGERRIG hydration bladder with my exos on long trips so I was glad to see (attention to detail) that the bulb holder has Velcro so I can use it with any backpack. Same thing with the bottom horizontal strap that connects the shoulder straps. I like the strap near my chest but not the bottom one so I was glad to see that I can remove the bottom one easily. The entire product seems so well thought through."  –Vanden Feb 2012- 

Hydration_Pack_._In-Line_Filter_._Geigerrig_._Narrow.png "Absolutely love this pack! I love having the ability to spray my water for lots of reasons. It is nice to have the filtration system so I will never get caught without clean water." –Bryce J. Feb 2012- 

Spray_to_Cool_._Spray_to_Clean._Spray_to_Drink.pngHydration_Pack_._In-Line_Filter_._Geigerrig_._Narrow.png "I've loved my Camelbak Mule but I'm excited to try something different. The spray/pressurized drink sounds cool, and I really like the idea of the inline filter." –Kreg E. Feb 2012- 

Insulated_Tube_._Geigerrig_._Hydration_Pack.jpg   "I love how durable the bladder is and the fact that it is pressurized! It is the ideal bag to take snowboarding because not only can I fill it with anything I want to drink but I can also put my lunch in it! I just wish that there was some sort of cover for the drink tube to prevent it from freezing on those really cold days!"  -Steven R. Feb 2012- 

Geigerrig_Spray_to_Cool_._Hydration_Pack_._Spray.jpgGeigerrig_Hydration_Bladder_Filter_Plugged_In_-_SMALL.jpg "The backpack is great, I love that it comes with the spray feature that allows you to cool down in the summer and that it filters the water as you go. Love also that it is easy to clean as well and that it comes with the mountain passport with lift tickets to over 20 resorts!" –Denise A. Feb 2012-

Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine.pngClean_._Simple_._Easy_._Geigerrig.pngHydration_Pack_._In-Line_Filter_._Geigerrig.png    "I like the features that were well thought out in development of this pack such as; the separate air bladder inside the reservoir, the in-line filter, the ballistic nylon, the extra padding on the back portion, the quick disconnect hose fittings, and the ability to turn the pouch inside out for cleaning. And of course the Mountain Passport is awesome!" –Matt H. Feb 2012-

Compatible_With_Any_Pack_._Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine_._Hydration_Pack.png Geigerrig_Easy_to_Clean_._Hydration_Pack_._Hydration_System.jpg Dishwasher_Safe_._Geigerrig_._Top_Shelf_._Hydration_Pack._small.pngHydration_Pack_._In-Line_Filter_._Geigerrig_._Narrow.png   "I like the functionality of the pack, inline water filter, ease of cleaning, & quality of product." -Garth W. Feb 2012-

Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine.png"I like the quality of the product and the overall design of the bladder.  It's easy to open, add ice to, I'm confident that when sealed it will remain sealed, and the ability to pressurize it is a bonus.  Quick connects make it way easier to remove and refill, and the ability to turn it inside out to wash is great." –Mike H. Feb 2012-

Geigerrig_Spray_to_Drink_._Mountain_Biker_._Hydration_Pack.jpg "The ski passport!!! And how I can spray water anywhere I want and it makes a perfect snowboarding accessory!! I love how insulated it is it's perfect for hiking." -Michael W Feb 2012-

Hydration_Pack_._Sprays_._Geigerrig_._Pressurized_Hydration_System.jpgDishwasher_Safe_._Geigerrig_._Top_Shelf_._Hydration_Pack._small.png Hydration_Pack_._In-Line_Filter_._Geigerrig.png"I really like that the pack sprays. The ease to clean and inline filter are also nice added benefits. It seems very durable and looks great." –Joshua R. Feb 2012-

2_Liter_Engine_1500X1500-MINI.jpg  "I watched your videos online and like the whole system. Primarily though, I like the water filtration system and the easy to clean bladder." -Miles R. Feb 2012-

Geigerrig_Easy_to_Drink_._Runner_._Hydration_Packs.jpg  "The GEIGERRIG pack is great quality and I will put it to good use on outdoor activity.  I really like the spray feature, this will come in handy while trail running and on hikes etc." –Matt J. Feb 2012-

Hydration_Pack_._Mountain_Biker_._Muddy_Face_._Geigerrig.jpg"This pack is tough for freeride mt biking and the water filter makes for safe backcountry refills." –Adam W. Feb 2012-

Dishwasher_Safe_._Geigerrig_._Top_Shelf_._Hydration_Pack._small.png" The washable bladder is great because I like to use my pack for more than just water." –Charles L Feb 2012-

Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine.png"I bought the pack due to the ease in cleaning and the spraying benefits of the pressurized hydration engine.  On a lesser note, it's also pretty cool that the pack is made of ballistic nylon. The way the compression straps wrap around the whole bag is also very useful." –Jonathan S. Feb 2012-

Hydration_Pack_._In-Line_Filter_._Geigerrig_._Narrow.png"I love that I can put my bladder in any body of water, and can be filtered.  It will save a ton of time, and require fewer things to carry while hiking. I also like that I'm able to detach the reservoirs easily without having to take apart my whole backpack (compared to my camelback)."  –Megan C. Feb 2012-

Hydration_Pack_._In-Line_Filter_._Geigerrig_._Narrow.png"This pack is tough for freeride mt biking and the water filter makes for safe backcountry refills." –Adam W. Feb 2012-

Geigerrig_._Patented_Technology_._Small.jpg "Well Bob, I went on the Alamere Falls hike at Point Reyes National Seashore today with the group.  I took my new Geigerrig 1600 pack with your hydration bladder.  Very pleased with the pack and the bladder.  You know the bladder gets all the attention, but that pack is the most comfortable day pack I have ever had.  I slid down a very steep  40 degree dirt and rock path on my butt for about 30 yards with the pack on my back  The pack ended up being dragged in the dirt for the entire distance.  It is a little dirty, but I don't see any scrapes or abrasion marks on it at all.  That ballistic nylon is pretty tough.  And the first time I sprayed the water someone said, "How did you do that."  So I showed them the bulb, and they were impressed. Very nice job on the bladder and pack."  -John C. Feb 2012-

"I really love the bladder compared to other hydration packs. I'm a fan of the pressurized system it has. And I like the mouth piece it has on it."  
-Greg W. Feb 2012-

Geigerrig_Easy_to_Clean_._Hydration_Pack_._Hydration_System.jpgCompatible_With_Any_Pack_._Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine_._Hydration_Pack.png "I like that the construction is quality unlike cheap Walmart Chinese garbage.  I like that the back vents well so I'm not mossback by the end of the week/trip.  I also like the interior pockets and loops.  I like the way it made to be cleaned easily. This is my fourth hydration pack. I won't buy them unless they have a waist strap and sternum strap."  
-Michael L. Feb 2012-

 Geigerrig_Share_With_Your_Friend._Hydrate_Your_Dog_._Hydration_Packs.jpg "These spray action hydration systems allow you to not only hydrate frequently and easily, but it allows you to conveniently clean your sweaty brow, dirty gear, or scuffed knee. If you want to share water with your hiking mate or pet, GEIGERRIG’s spray action valves make sharing more hygienic: no sucking means no grody transference."  -Holmes Clothing Feb 2012- 

"The pack is exactly what I need. The added features and easy cleaning on the bladder are awesome! The season passport was the final straw that pushed me to buy the pack. Great Deal!"  -Todd C. Feb 2012-

Geigerrig_In-Line_Filter_._Hydration_Pack_Filter_._Filtering_Hydration_Pack.jpg"I like that I get a better filtration from the water.  The spray is great when getting hot on the trail--it's a nice way to feel refreshed and cooled down as well as hydrated"  -James F. Feb 2012- 

Geigerrig_Share_With_Your_Dog_._Spray_to_Drink_._Hydration_Packs.jpg  "I love everything about my new GEIGERRIG Hydration Pack! The ability to attach an in-line water filter for all day hydration makes for longer days without having to cary all the extra water weight. I also really enjoy the spray benefits from the pump activated pressurizing system. It makes cooling off and sharing with others a breeze, especially filling up a water bowl for my dog that often accompanies me on my adventures. I LOVE this Hydration Pack :-)  -Aaron W. Feb 2012- 


"The pump and spray system is really awesome, and it's nice that it's easy to clean. The mountain passport was definitely a plus as well." -Jarod A. Feb 2012- 

Hydration_Packs_._Spray_to_Share_._Kids_._Geigerrig.png "My son and I run 1/2 marathons together and the spray will benefit my 9 year old when we run together.  Plus, I am looking forward to using the filtration on the pack." -Matt M. Feb 2012- 

 Hydration_Pack_._Passport_Program.png   Geigerrig_Dishwasher_Safe_._Hydration_Packs.png"The pack is big enough to fit a lot of supplies and it is c omfortable when full. The spray is useful, but gets kind of bulky when the air bag is full, which is a little bit of a draw back. I haven't used the filtration tube yet, but I have one and am assuming it will be really useful. I definately like how easy it is to clean and that makes it better than some of my other hydration packs. Mountain passport is also a plus." -Brian S. Feb 2012- 

Clean_._Simple_._Easy_._Geigerrig.png"I've owned many hydration packs over the years. I love the spray system and see many applications. Other bags were always difficult to keep clean and I never felt like my hydration bag was sanitary. With the Geigerrig I know my water is fresh and clean as it sprays into my mouth." -David G. Feb 2012- 

"The spray function is great - no more sucking.  The cleaning is a lot better than the camelbak I currently have. Attaching the tubing to the bag (air and water) is an easy snap.  The only "negative" thing is the air pump bulb is sort of big and the air pump tubing is long" -Mark L. Feb 2012- 

Hydration_Pack_._Passport_Program.png"Easy to clean, well constructed, thoughtful design features, easy to drink, easy to hydrate dogs, awesome deal with passport" -Kevin L Feb 2012- 

"Purchased 2 camelbacks for my daughters for xmas...gonna return them after the offer you had and give your product a the fact that it's a local Utah company...have about a half dozen packs that leak, can't be easily cleaned, ripped hopefully this bladder will last...pack itself looks well constructed...spray feature will be awesome for my dogs and more dog saliva!  Purchased 5 of them and heading back for more for friends"  -Scott K. Feb 2012- 

Hydration_Pack_._In-Line_Filter_._Geigerrig_._Narrow.png"I love the idea that I can get go further with the filtration system.  As long as there is water I can go there.  I run long distance and I like the idea of changing my routes so I don't have to follow the water fountains.  The rest of the hydration pack looks ell made.  I was also excited to give my daughter the ski passes as she is in college and buying them is over her budget."  -Rachel S. Feb 2012- 

Compatible_With_Any_Pack_._Geigerrig_Hydration_Engine_._Hydration_Pack.pngShare_By_Spraying__._One_Pack_For_The_Whole_Family_._Geigerrig_._Spray_._Small.png   "Love that I can use this for myself and with the boy scouts I work with.  The spray nozzle is fantastic.  The filter feature is great for long trips, and I love that it can be cleaned in the dishwasher when I get home.  The pack is rugged, lightweight and great for carrying around a couple of extra essentials when needed.  Very happy with my GEIGERRIG hydration pack." -Weldon G. Feb 2012-