A quick snapshot of just some of the reviews of our game-changing pressurized hydration packs:

GEIGERRIG ON  Youtube_File.gifth_youtube.png Youtube-Works.gifYoutube-Works.gif(Click Here)   GEIGERRIG ON facebook-logo.png (Click Here)      


Commenting on the GEIGERRIG RIG 650 Mountain Bike Pack:  "...It would be hard to conceive of how this item could be improved."  (Click here for the full pack and reservoir review.)


5 Best Methods For Field Hydration:  "Several years ago, GEIGERRIG ushered a literal paradigm shift into the world of personal hydration systems.  After a 15 year drought in design and technical advancements, GEIGERRIG emerged from the wilderness with a pressurized reservoir that has changed the way people hydrate during active outdoor pursuits."  (Click here for the full filtration review.


Utah:  Outdoor Gear for the Summer:  "Here's the thing about GEIGERRIG hydration bags:  They pack a ton of features into a compact space.   Because of this, the RIG 650 fits like a day pack but delivers like a bigger pack.  With so much to offer, it's no wonder that the RIG 650 hydration pack is a favorite accessory for a growing number of adventurers." - Utah News, KSL.COM (Click here for the Full Pack Review from KSL News Outdoor Gear Editorial



"Ever have a certain product that you use just about every day and can't be without?  Well for me, this is it!  Geigerrig hydration backpacks are simply one-of-a-kind, stand-alone from the rest of the competition!" - (Click here for the Full Pack Review from MudRunGuide.com)



"The G5 Rigger is the perfect, lightweight, minimalist pack for the warfighter... Their system works, is efficient and easy to use.  They have a winner on their hands an a believer in this author."  - (Click Here for Full Hydration Bag Review)



"Every now and then, a product comes along that justifiable turns heads. ....Needless to say, I would be using the G2 water filter for these Louisiana mud puddles.... The Geigerrig Hydration bladder is super easy to clean due to the reversible nature of the bladder.... Our lead contact at the base told me that I had a 6 story repelling and rock climbing tower that I could throw the hydration bladder off...." - SWAT Magazine 3 Page Editorial and Review, April 2014 - (Click Here For Editorial Pages Posted to GEIGERRIG Facebook Page)



"To meet the standards of this highly influential readership, we've introduced our MJ Approved series on MensJournal.com.  Whether it's a hotel, a blazer, a recipe, a slope or a saw, our editors put them to the test and feature what they deem best as MJ Approved.  -  Upgrade yoour mountain bike setup." - Men's Journal   (Click Here for Men's Journal Approved Post)



"In conclusion, I will tell you that this is the best hydration bladder that we have come across to date."  - Reload Fitness (Click Here for Complete Hydration Pack Review)



"The dual-chamber bladder -- designed to be pressurized and able to spray (as opposed to be requiring sucking) initially drew us in; the pack design has made it our new favorite." - Gear Patrol (Click Here For Full Review of Packs by Category)



“Bottom Line: The best hydration system I've found.  Not the lightest, but worth the weight for no-suck, no-slosh, shareable hydration and fast in-line filtration on the trail.” - Dan Larson, Reviewer and Writer, Backpacker.com (On-line Expression for Backpacker Magazine).   (Click Here For Full Pack Review)



"Remember the days when cell phones first hit the consumer market and everyone had to have one? Then came along the smart phone and flip phones were a thing of the past? Well Geigerrig is the smart phone of the hydration pack industry. They completely re-revolutionized it with the introduction of their Geigerrig Hydration Engine which pressurizes the liquid so you can spray to drink." -Nathan Reuck, Founder and Reviewer, Thebikehabit.com. (Click Here For Full Review)



"Year in Review 2012 - Best of the Best List." - Paul Osborn, Writer (Click Here for Full List of Gear)



(Click Here For Full Review)




"The first real improvement in hydration packs since the category's debut 15 years ago." - Roy Wallack, Writer, LA Times  (Click Here For the Full Backpacking Gear Article)



April - 2013 - "We took six top hydration reservoirs and spent six months backpacking, mountainboarding, surfing, dog-walking, hiking and biking to figure out the best one for each application.  GEIGERRIG is the most innovative reservoir tested, the most versatile and it gets our Editors' Choice award. It has a variety of uses, thanks to the pressurized system that no other hydration bladders tested offered." - Outdoor Gear Lab (Click Here For Full Review and Video)



May 2013 - "In summary, this is a tough and annoyingly good-looking pack, powered by the Geigerrig Hydration System, which I feel is the best on the market (my personal opinion after trying many different options). In fact, I move the hydration component from pack to pack because it will fit in just about anything, not just their packs." - The Active Explorer.com (Click Here For Full Review of the RIG 1210 GEIGERRIG Hydration Pack)



"While hydration bags have boasted little innovation in the last decade, the GEIGERRIG is making up for that..." - December 2012 (Click Here for the Full Article and Review)



"There is no competition when it comes to crossover racing/hiking packs....  Nothing stands up to GEIGERRIG Hydration.  "  - December 2013 (RIG 710 Review-Click Here,  RIG 500 Citrus Review - Click Here,  RIG GUARDIAN Review - Click Here)

"Camelbak V. Geigerrig....   The solution:  Geigerrig!  This company has put out a hydration reservoir that is far superior to the competition."   - December 2013 (Click Here for the Full Review)



"The most important thin you can pack for a long outdoor trek is water, which is why hydration packs are an ideal accessory.  But trying to suck water through a long hose when you're exhausted, well, sucks.  So Geigerrig is releasing a new pressurized hydration pack that's like having a Super Soaker strapped to your back." (Click Here For The Article)



Canadian Wilderness Survival -

"Bottom line I love this pack.  So much in fact that I am making it my main biking pack.  The features in this pack are all the features I would have put in a pack if I were making it, and I think any mountain biker or commuter would love it." (Click Here For Full Pack Review



"...Geigerrig is turning the hydration industry on its head..." (Click Here For The Article)



POPULAR SCIENCE MAGAZINE EDITORIAL - "The Future Now... The Goods - Apocalypse Edition... A dozen great gear ideas to help you through any catastrophe."      November, 2012




"That versatility is what gives the Geigerrig packs an edge over other hydration packs."

"Adan Munoz, Marketing Manager at Good Sports Outdoor Outfitters, told me, 'Geigerrig was one of the first hydration systems that has blown us away..."

Eric Rogell, Discovery - (Click here for the complete hydration pack review)



"Survival knowledge is good; gadgets that make you look like Chuck Norris, Bear Grylls and James Bond Combined are awesome....  Updated Hydration Pack.... World's most serious water pistol." - Jane Leung, Writer, CNNGo.com  (Click Here For the Full Survival Hydration Pack Review)



"Designed with the customer in mind, GeigerRig has produced exactly what its customers want, and has been able to replace the competition in most every case."  - Alan Hall,  Article in Forbes Magazine.  (Click Here For the Full Article In Forbes)



"After a virtual 15 year standstill in design advancements, Geigerrig has emerged from the wilderness with pressurized hydration packs featuring a unique integrated in-line water filter system.  A relatively simple design change that is nothing less than a game-changer in the hydration market space. " www.GoGumption.com (Click Here For the Full Best In Show Article for the 2012 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show)



"Gear evolution in the tactical industry typically happens in small increments.  This is definitely a much larger step than usual. It might not be as sexy as the  newest bullet or rifle, but I think this system offers sufficient advantage to  qualify as a force multiplier."  (Click Here For The Full Hydration Pack Review From Military.com)




TACTICAL GUARDIAN - "What's not to lust after."


"Our video review explain why we reackon this is the best hydration pack we've ever tried."  (Click Here For This Article and Video Out of Australia) (VIDEO)



I'll just put it bluntly... I LOVE IT!" (Click Here For The Entire Review of THE RIG RED")



GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs:  “It is nothing short of a game changer in the hydration world.” Those are strong words coming from Magness, who is among our most core and serious testers. - GearJunkie.com (Click Here For Complete Hydration Pack Review and "Best In Show" list for 2012.)



Better Hydration Bladders - "Field Tested Products - Summer's Best" - Outside Magazine - Buyer's Guide


Utah_Innovation_2012_-_Geigerrig.jpg VIDEO (Click Here) - Utah Innovation Awards - Skullcandy Fix Technolgy, Geigerrig Hydration Pack, HZ0 Waterblock



“Every year we see hundreds of examples of new camping equipment - some gear wows us, while some leaves us wondering why the manufacturer even bothered, and it seems as if we are getting more selective than ever before.   So here they are--the Camping Life Editor's Choice 2011 Award winners...”
-Camping Life Magazine (Click Here For PDF And Pack Review)



“These are the best hydration bladders on the market.” -Adventure World Magazine, Editor's Choice Award  (Click Here for Full Pack Review)



“In celebration of the most outstanding new products, companies and ideas at this years 2011 Winter Outdoor Retailer Market, SNEWS and 3M Corporation presented the In-New-Vation Awards in six categories.  Taking top honors in the hard-goods category was the Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration Engine.”-Report From Outdoor Retailer Show 2011, (Click Here)



September 27, 2011, Outdoor Trade Show - Warwickshire, United Kingdom - "The winners of the hotly coveted 2011 Novel Awards have been announced at the Outdoor Trade Show..., the GEIGERRIG 2 Liter Hydration Pack was selected... not only as the winner in the accessories category, but also as the winner of the coveted Product of The Year Award.  .... With over 100 entries, this was the largest number of entries to date for the Novel Awards. " - Outdoor Trade Show Organizer, Great Britain, Marta Williams, (Click Here For A Quick Video From OTS About The Award Winning GEIGERRIG Hydration System)



December 2011, ISPO Show -  Munich, GermanyFinalist - Hottest New Summer Hard Goods Product - 2012 ISPO Show.   Largest Start-Up Competition In The Sporting Goods Industry.



"You've got to be careful with the GEIGERRIG RIg 1600 Hydration Pack.  It's so manly, that if you were to turn your back on it, it could well steal your wife, pee on your dog's bed, and fertilize your morning eggs.  It's the Chuck Norris of the Hydration Pack world." -  Gear We Are.com, (Click Here to read the entire hydration pack review.) 



"Say 'Sayonara' to the Suck" - Hydration Packs - backpacks with a built-in water bladder and a hose running to your mouth - are a huge convenience for those of us who like to spend all day on the trail.  But they have a rather annoying design flaw.....

THE GEIGERRIG -   This is huge win for me, personally, I've been out of water and dehydrated on long runs, crossing streams without daring to drink the water I was wading through.  There could be a dead cow a hundred yards upstream, and taking even a small sip just isn't worth it.....

WIRED  Best way to drink on the rung (or bike).  Share water without sharing saliva.  In-line antimicrobial filter cleans water on the go and is good for 50 gallons.  Good price point..." -   Wired.com, (Click Here to read the entire hydration pack review at www.wired.com.)



"Is the Geigerrig Hydration Pack a Solution To A Problem that Doesn't Exist? - Geigerrig is definitely a solution to some of the problems that have existed with other water bottles and hydration packs.... I definitely love it." - Jeremiah Breeze, Open Air Life (Click Here to read the complete and thorough hydration pack review.)




VIDEO: Head to Head Review Of GEIGERRIG  Vs. Camelbak, Osprey, Platypus, Geigerrig




"Since their debut, Geigerrig hydraiton packs have been winning awards and loyal fans right and left.  For good reason too. We tested a Geigerrig 700 Ballistic last year, pitting it against the popular Camelbak Charge 450, and the RIG 700 easily came out on top.  That's no small feat... Responding to customers that liked the pressurized hydration engine, but didn't necessarily want to wear a backpack, Geigerrig responded with the Bando...It performed in every way just like any other Geigerrig product, but was sleeker and less-restrictive...."  Brian, Industry Outsider.com (Click Here for the full hydration pack review.)





Amazing test... Drinking his urine through the GEIGERRIG hydration pack while on a 3 hour run in preparation for a 50K world record attempt. - www.RunningVillage.com - (Click Here to watch this unique hydration pack review video.) 



"I've been designing and leading hiking trips around the world for 30 years.  The Geigerrig is one of the most innovative new product to hit the market in years. Most importantly, with the Geigerrig, people tend to drink more water.  And that makes the Geigerrig worth its weight in gold." - Ward Luthi, Walking the World. 



Sept. 2011 - Jan. 2012 -

Three independent, multi-month / long term, gear reviews

RIG 700 Hydration Pack

Tester #1 - Christopher Cappetta - "...I have used a number of hydration packs, and this stands out as my favorite.... As I mentnioned my primary testing has been trail running... The reservoir has been sturdy with no leaks so far... I really like being able to spray with the bite valve, this is truly an innovative feature... True to the slogan, the ability to drink without having to suck does help..."  BackpackGearTest.com (Click Here to read the entire long term review of the GEIGERRIG RIG 700 Hydration Pack.)

Tester #2 - Richard Lyon - "Bottom line:  I'll continue to wear the RIG after the test ends...  And I'll never suck again if I can help it."  BackpackGearTest.com (Click Here to read the entire long term review of the GEIGERRIG RIG 700 Hydration Pack.)

Tester #3 - Andrew Buskov - "The pressurization system works a lot better than I thought it would on the trail; or maybe it's the fact that I didn't see myself using it as much as I do..."  BackpackGearTest.com (Click Here to read the entire long term review of the GEIGERRIG RIG 700 Hydration Pack.)



Lead Blogger - OutdoorAdventure.Net

"The Geigerrig is my go to system for ease of use and versatility, and I use it with whatever pack suits the needs.  The benefits of the pressurized system are many and every time I use it I think of something new.  The filtration system is great, lightweight option to filter on the trail for those adverse to chemical purification or the time ti takes to filter with hand pump systems." Paul Osborn, Lead Blogger, OutdoorAdventure.Net (Click Here to read the entire review and to watch the video.)



GEAR Section - Edmonton Journal, Canada - "Hydration packs make a splash...  The Big Bonus - Easily flip the hydration bladder inside out and wash it in the dishwasher."  - Jane Marshall, Edmonton Journal (Click Here to Read the Entire Hydration Pack Article)



"While there are lots of options for hydration bags out there, I’m especially impressed by the RIG 500." - Ken Holden, Mountain Weekly News (Click Here For Entire Hydration Pack Review)



"...One of the best hydration packs tested to date." - ATV RIDER  (FROM PRINT)



Conclusion:  "After years of being a long and faithful Camelbak customer, I have finally upgraded to the second coming.  I never though the day would come where I would put up my old and faithful Camelbak.  ....Geigerrig is here to stay....  The possiblities for this system are endless and I feel as though weare only seeing the tip of the iceberg." - www.highballblog.com (Click Here to read the entire hydration pack review)



Of the Top 40 Packs Recognized by Blue Ridge Outdoors, A GEIGERRIG Hydration Pack is Number 6

"You could go on sucking water from your hydration pack like you've been doing for the past decade or so, or you could evolve to GEIGERRIG's pressurized hydration bladder, which delivers a jet stream of water...." BlueRidgeOutdoors.com (Click Here to read the entire review of the GEIGERRIG Hydration Pack.)



"GEIGERRIG!   ....the name given to one of the most advanced and creative designs for a hydration system to hit the market."  - Ward Luthi, Chief Blogger and Expert for www.WALKINGTHEWORLD.com.  


What Experts are saying about GEIGERRIG after the 2011 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show about GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs vs. all other products they saw at the show...


"GEIGERRIG.... Simply the best hydration system I have ever seen....in my mind was the best (of all items) at the show."




Feb. 3, 2012

"On my first initial run (22 miles) with a 70 oz. hydration bladder completely full, I didn't think I was drinking that much fluid.  However, after my run, my hydration bladder was nearly empty."  James Wilie (TrailRunerNation.com) (Click Here to read the entire hydration pack review.)



Road.cc - Cycling Website Of The Year - Great Britain - "The GEIGERRIG hydration system was a double award winner at the show.  It features a twin chamber hydration bladder - one for water and one for air - and you can pump up the air section to pressurize the system; pressing or biting the bite valve sends the water out in a jet spray...  On top of that, their is an inline charcoal water filter available...."  - Dave Atkinson Writing For, Road.cc, Cycling Website of the Year - Great Britain (Click Here To See This Report About The Award Winning GEIGERRIG Hydration Pack)




"The most amazing hydration pack I have ever seen." - Consumer comments after a single GEIGERRIG presentation at the 2011 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show  (Click Here to view a quick snapshot of how consumers respond to a presentation of GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs.)



"Two ski poles up! ...  The Geigerrig hydration pack is a sturdy, well designed item that'd be great for any kind of outdoor activity.  Loved the whole idea that you can spray to get a drink, so there's no germy mouthpiece or backwash and the pack doesn't turn into a microbe factory (dishwasher compatibility also helps).  Also loved the in-line water filter, which they say removes >99.9% cryptosporidium and giardia.  And once I got it nailed down, the water line didn't freeze, either; a big plus." -  Wendy at SkiDiva.com (Click Here to read the entire hydration pack review.)



Fall / 2011 - "The GEIGERRIG RIG 1600 Hydration Pack feels as though it is built to survive the end of the world; If I had to choose a hydration backpack for surviving the end of the Apocalypse this would be the one that I would want." - Josh L, Founder, Editor and Chief - (Click here to view the entire hydration pack review of the GEIGERRIG RIG 1600)



"I am very glad I am able to test the GEIGERRIG RIG 1600 hydration pack because the guys who developed the pack thought of everything.  I have had an opportunity to use the GEIGERRIG RIG 1600 several more times since my initial review and continue to be very impressed with its functionality, durability and comfort.  The only negative I found so far is when there is pressure on the hydration bladder, the water does not slosh around so you cannot tell how much water you have left. I have also had a chance to test the in line water filter..."   

FINAL REVIEW (September 2011) - "The GEIGERRIG RIG 1600 has been the best hydration pack I have ever used.  GEIGERRIG has proven to be a first class company."  - 4alloutdoors.org (Click Here For A Very Thorough Hydration Pack Review)

4alloutdoors.org_geigerrig_filter_image_1.jpg   4alloutdoors.org_geigerrig_filter_image_2.jpg 



October, 2011  "This is a fantastic hydration system and a giant step forward from the Camelbak systems I have been using for years.  GEIGERRIG has elevated the functional design for hydration bladders for the entire segment of the industry." - Tim Miner, Lead Sherpa, TrailSherpa.com (Click Here For Full Hydration Pack Review) 



"The GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs:  New gear continually floods the outdoor recreation market, and occasionally an item stands out that truly wows you..." - Sports Guide Writer, Jenny Willden, Article For Outdoor Retailer Show Publication, Late Summer 2011 (Click Here For Full Hydration Pack Review Article)



"Compared to the other hydration packs on the market, in my opinion the GEIGERRIG hydration pack stands in a class of its own.  ...First of all, you can practically run this hydration bladder over with a truck...  With the in-line water filter, you no longer have to pull your pump out of your pack and spend 30 minutes filling up your water bottle...  Just grab the bladder, dip it in the river, and BAM!  When you get home from your hike/ride, just turn it inside out and throw it in the dishwasher.   I used to mess with clean and stuffing paper towels down into my hydration bladders, no more of that with GEIGERRIG." - James Garner, Expert Review, OutdoorGearTv  (Click Here For Full Hydration Pack Review and Video)




GEIGERRIG selected for feature as World's Greatest Hydration Pack in episode of World's Greatest on ION Television.  Sneak Preview... (Click Image Below).... To be aired July 2011...

"World's Greatest... is a fast-paced tour around the world featuring behind-the-scenes footage and interviews of some of the most amazing and unique companies, products, people and travel destinations the world has to offer..." 

"How 2 Media, the producers of the television show 'World's Greatest', announced today that they have recently selected GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs to be part of the popular television series; a selection that was made for one reason, GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs are simply the best products in their category." - Press Release, July 5, 2010.  (Click Here To Watch The Segment  - Click Here To Read The Complete Press Release From How 2 Media)




"It's no wonder that Camelbak wants me to buy water bottles from them now, and that 'Better Than A Bottle' is no longer their slogan. The new leader and innovator in the hydration pack market is GEIGERRIG." - Brian Powers, Writer, Examiner.com (Click Here to read the entire hydration pack review at www.Examiner.com)




GEAR GUIDE REVIEW - OFFICIAL - "Final Verdict:  It's never easy to take on the guy who literally invented the category.  You need to innovate and deliver a superior product.  I think Geigerrig has done just that. The company had developed a dynamite hydration system that dramatically improves on the original concept."  Official GearGuide Review  (Click Here to read the entire hydration pack review at www.GearGuide.com)



"Most of my experiences with other hydration systems have come with frustration, but not so with GEIGERRIG hydration packs." - Ben B., Founder, COO of Benosh (Click here to view the full hydration pack review for the GEIGERRIG RIG 500)



"I am a pro triathlete and ultra marathoner and have been competing and racing my entire life in about every sport. ....I got the Geigerrig 500 for my latest 50 mile Ultra marathon.  ...The performance of this hydration pack was beyond my expectation..."  -Heath Thurston, Pro Triathlete and Ultra Marathoner,  Posting on Outside Online  (Click Here For Full Hydration Pack Review) (Scroll down to the bottom for his comments.)














“This is the best pack I have ever worn.”
-Branch Whitney, Guide, Author, Hiking Guru of the Southwest   (Click Here For Hydration Pack Review)  



"Every once in a while a product comes along that makes you say, 'WOW, Why didn't I think of that'.  ...Camelbak hydration packs have some limitations, and a company in Utah has come up with the next solution that makes you say, 'WOW, Why didn't I think of that.'" Park City Television (Click Here For Hydration Pack Field Test




"The RIG 700 Hydration Pack just seems to fit better, hydrate better, protect my gear better, and it feels more substantial.   ...I just like the GEIGERRIG more." - INDUSTRYOUTSIDER.COM   (Click Here For Head To Head Hydration Pack Review - Camelbak v. Geigerrig)



“Other than ammunition, radios and weapons, water can be the heaviest thing we carry.  And it has so many necessary uses. The Geigerrig hydration system finally makes it easy to access, use and share the water while also getting the hands-free benefit of a hydration pack.  The plug-and-play, on-the-go, in-line filtration unit is on the money.  Greater access to water...  A pressurized spray... All without additional weight or any sacrifice in pack capacity.  It looks like a no brainer.  It was our product of choice as well--for both Outdoor Retailer and the Shot Show.”
-Mike Atkinson, Chris Osman, Former Navy SEALs, Trident Tactical and Technical 






"Woo!! I received mine today!! I ordered the RIG 500.  In one word: WOW! Hangloose.gif  ...They've thought of everything.  ...I highly recommend this to anyone using a regular Hydration Pack." -Gadget Boy, Adventure Rider, Consumer  (Click Here Hydration Pack Consumer Review)



"Innovation is an extremely important facet of our business, and we certainly admire and respect innovation wherever we see it.  And it seems clear to me that the GEIGERRIG hydration bladder is an excellent example of great innovation -- a truly elegant and game-changing technology."  -Miles Maiden, CEO of Steripen - The Award Winning UV Light Water Purifier.



Rider.gifI just ordered the RIG1600. clap.gifTheir customer support is one of the best I've seen.  I plan on using this hydration pack for search and rescue. I am on a K9 team and  it looks like a great way to give the dogs water.  I think you can't beat the filter system for safety, if you run out of water, you can fill it from a local source.  I've been using a camelbak, and I have spent a small fortune replacing bladders since I've not found a good way to really clean them.  I can't wait to try cleaning the hydration bladder in the dishwasher." naughty.gif    LATER  "I received mine today clap.gif....quality is outstanding.  I've had a lot of packs, and this one is the best."  - Toyanvil, Consumer   (Click Here For Hydration Pack Consumer Review)



"After checking out many reviews I got my Sawyer Zero Two set up with a bomb proof pressurized GEIGERRIG pressurized hydration bladder. The GEIGERRIG hydration pack pushes the water through the filter in-line.  So no need for gravity set ups or anything else for that matter.  - Vince H, Consumer    (Click Here For Hydration Pack Filter Integration)


"The GEIGERRIG offers an enhancement to the performance of our filters. Our portable filters work well with gravity but a slight increase in pressure is like adding and afterburner to a jet fighter.  ....We can now improve performance just by merging the systems." - Robert Simpson, BDnP Filter Systems



"When we received the traditional bladder and water filter from the industry's leading hydration pack company, it was immediately apparent that there are two very different standards for convenient hand's free hydration packs and on-the-go in-line filtration. There's the old standard, and then there's the new GEIGERRIG standard.  ....We couldn't find any way to improve this terrific line of products." -FiftySense.com  (Click Here For Hydration Pack Field Test Results)



"Wow.  Fantastic quality and thoughtfully engineered. Ordered on Sunday....it was here on Tuesday morning, the filter on Wednesday.  Honestly, I didn't expect the quality and general thoughtfulness that went into the design.  I expected to pay a little more somewhat for the novelty of something new, but man this rig is NICE!" Mr. Fisherman, Consumer (Click Here For Hydration Pack Consumer Review)



"We agree that they are the best hydration systems available today - an endorsement that we make whole heartedly and without any reservation..."


(Click Here For Entire Hydration Pack Review By The Climb)




"'Never Suck Again.' ...Sound like a gimmick?  I thought so too, until I put the Geigerrig Rig 500 Hydration Pack on my back for the last two months during spring mountain biking and hiking trips.  Now I'm a believer."  - Jared Hargrave, Writer, Utah Outside.com   (Click Here For Hydration Pack Review)



"Its so good, we think it will be the single biggest hydration system on the market, as people quickly see the advantages over the standard offerings." -Mark Sundin, Expedition Kayaks, Australia   (Click Here For Kayaking Hydration Pack Review)



"I was so impressed with the 'Geigerrig Hydration Engine' hydration bladder systems, that I ordered one immediately even though I'm not much of a hydration bladder kind of guy." -  Yakass, Coastal Kayaking and Fishing  (Click Here For Hydration Pack Review)



"As GEIGERRIG has only been available in the United States for 10 months, it is certainly just getting started.  As the first international distributor of GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs, we are excited to report that the launch of GEIGERRIG was likely the best received new product line and new brand that I have ever seen.  Presentations to 5 - 10 retail buyers started every 20 minutes for 3 full days, and virtually every single retail buyer who saw the GEIGERR

}); Hydration Pack Review by Park City TV.