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Performance Benefits of Pressurized Hydration Spray to Drink Spray to Cool Spray to Clean Spray to Share Easy Care Clean H2O Constant Pressure Stable Load


Clean H2O

Clean H20 in Africa

Geigerrig In-line filter system: safely Fill your hydration pack from any water souce

1) NO SWAPPING OF NASTY HYDRATION PACK BITE VALVE MUCOUS: There are few things more nasty than sucking on someone else’s froth and mucous-caked bite valve. GEIGERRIG hydration packs solve this problem. Because you never have to suck on the bite valve, the water sprays from the GEIGERRIG hydration pack and therefore: a) No nasty backwash in the drinking tube and b) No swapping of nasty bite valve mucous. CLEAN WATER FROM YOUR HYDRATION PACK.

 2) HYDRATION PACK FILTRATION: Because pressure of the GEIGERRIG hydration packs, the reseroir pushes the water through the drinking tube.  As a result, GEIGERRIG has an “in-line filter” that plugs into the drinking tube and filters the water as it flows to your mouth. Rated for 50 gallons of filtration with the removal of 99% of cryptosporidium and Giardia, this filter allows you to keep hiking, keep climbing, keep running, keep riding…you name it. Just fill up your hydration pack at a nearby stream, snap in the filter and drink.

3) CLEAN HYDRATION PACK PRESSURE: The GEIGERRIG hydration pack’s two-chamber bladder allows our hydration packs to be pressurized without injecting air directly into the water chamber. This prevents filthy dust particles and contaminants from being introduced into your clean, refreshing drinking water. GEIGERRIG hydration packs solve the problem.

4) REVERSIBLE RESERVOIR THAT IS DISHWASHER SAFE:  The traditional hydration bladder is difficult to clean and requires a series of cleaning implements that are similar to a toilet cleaning kit.   The GEIGERRIG system however, is a reversible reservoir that can be placed in the top shelf of the dishwasher for easy and thorough cleaning.     Also, the reversible reservoir is also very easy to dry.   (HINT:  In the field, 1) put a teaspoon of Listerine in the reservoir, 2) fill it with water, 2) pump the Listerine solution through the tubing using the pressurized system, and then 3) turn the reservoir inside out for thorough drying.  Good to go the next day.)


The Dirty Reputation of traditional Hydration Packs Before the Arrival of GEIGERRIG:

Fact is, prior to the arrival of GEIGERRIG, hydration packs have not been known for their cleanliness.  If you google "how to clean a hydration pack", you get all kinds of recommendations, videos and "how to" articles.  There are pictures of green, fungus-filled bladders with utensils, cleaning tables, brushes and other cleaning implements designed or modified to help clean hydration packs.  There is whole market in the world of hydration packs for this kind of stuff.  The reason for this is because hydration packs have a self evident problem of being dirty and difficult to clean.   The bite valves of hydration packs are sucked on day in and day out.  Our mouths are considered one of the most dirty places on earth.  The inside of the polyurethane bag is a breeding ground for germs, fermentation and fungus.  Hydration packs are, in many ways, simple petri dishes for growing bacteria. A warm garage, car or backpack with a recently used Hydration Pack is basically the same thing as a heat lamp, agar and bacteria culture.   And, the thin polyurethane walls of hydration packs are as bad as the back of a lick stamp when they are sealed together by the remains of a sticky, sugary drink left unattended in a hydration pack bladder.  And don't let people get started on the drink tube of a hydration pack.  They are the home of hydration pack backwash.  Chunks of the granola bar that we ate.  Syrupy residue from the sugary GU that we sucked down to boost our electrolytes.  Dry froth and dirt particles from the dusty trail that we are traveling.  On and on and on.   GEIGERRIG HYDRATION PACKS ADDRESS THESE ISSUES HEAD-ON AND PROVIDES SELF-EVIDENT, CLEAR SOLUTIONS.  The dirty reputation of hydration packs is no longer now that GEIGERRIG hydration packs are readily available and on the march.