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Performance Benefits of Pressurized Hydration Spray to Drink Spray to Cool Spray to Clean Spray to Share Easy Care Clean H2O Constant Pressure Stable Load


Constant Pressure - with our 2-chamber hydration bladder, you will never lose pressure again


Because of the unique technology of our hydration bladder, the pressurizing air in the hydration pack never hits your drinking tube and subsequently depressurizes your hydration pack.

Feel free to jump, run, flip, climb and move while wearing your GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Pack!  While you are under pressure, GEIGERRIG hydration packs are right there with you – Dependable, Pressurized Hydration!

Pressurizing Hydration Packs is not something that was just recently attempted or recently desired:

Hydration packs are designed for convenience.  That is why hydration packs became a main stay for outdoor activities.  Hand's free hydration is so nice for so many reasons.   But, when the water in your hydration pack can only be "conveniently" used by the person carrying the pack and for only one "convenient" purpose - Drinking - then you really have to consider if the issue of convenience has truly been adequately addressed when considering hydration packs.

The answer is no.  Before GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs, hydration packs had a long way to go with regard to adequately addressing the key performance benefit that they professed:  CONVENIENCE.   People wanted their hydration pack to make it easy and convenient to access, use and share the water for many purposes and for many reasons.   Thus, pressurizing hydration packs became an immediate desire for companies that build hydration packs.

All you had to do is go an a hike and watch your friend lean his back against a tree in order to create pressure in his hydration pack so that he could spray the water into your mouth or onto his muddy hands.  All you had to do is watch your girlfriend blow air back into her hydration pack in hopes that she could get enough pressure to spray the water into her powdered juice mix.    It is a silly think to observe. isn't rocket science.   (Watch the scene in the movie the Hurt Locker when they are sucking water out of their hydration pack and spitting it on the bullets in order to clean them.   It's antiquated stuff.)

However, when you really look at this issue for hydration packs, you quickly discover that having a strong, consistent, reliable spray isn't as easy as one might think.   This is especially the case when hydration pack companies need to consider that the final product had to be reliable, easy to use, easy to clean, easy to understand, easy to accept by consumers and non disruptive to the concept of carrying a pack on your back.  Thus, it took some time for the hydration pack market to arrive at what is today GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs.

Watch the video above.  You will see why the pressurized configuration of GEIGERRIG pressurized Hydration Packs is truly the best hydration pack configuration on the market today.   GEIGERRIG hydration packs provide consistent, reliable, easy, adjustable, persistent spray....opening a whole new world for hydration pack convenience.