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Easy Care

Easy Care - Reversible reservoir that is dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning of your hydration pack

(Video Note: Hydration Pack Dish Washing Video and Easy Care Video Located Below.)

1) Reversible Reservoir That Washes in Dishwasher: Standard, un-pressurized, sucking hydration packs have a screw cap. This limits the ability to access the inside of the bladder and makes it difficult and inconvenient to clean the hydration pack. The result is nasty water filled with mildew, contaminants and backwash from previous uses. GEIGERRIG hydration packs solve this problem.  GEIGERRIG hydration packs have a slide seal on the top rather than a screw cap. This gives the reservoir a very large opening for easy care, cleaning and refreshment. The hydration reservoir (we call it a GEIGERRIG Hydration Engine) can be turned inside-out and placed on the top shelf of your dishwasher for easy cleaning. (We thank the company Hydrapak for this benefit.)

2) Plug and Play Adapters: Anyone who has used standard, un-pressurized, sucking hydration packs knows that it is inconvenient to un-thread the drinking tube from the hydration pack for cleaning. That is why GEIGERRIG hydration packs have high quality, quick-release valves for the drinking tube and the power bulb. This allows the Hydration Engine to be removed easily from the hydration pack for cleaning, refreshing and refilling.

+ Easy Care Video 1 - Pressurized Hydration Packs - Care Using Dish Washer

+ Easy Care Video  2 - Pressurized Hydration Packs 

It is not a dirty little secret that hydration packs are considered dirty and difficult to clean:

All you have to do is google "how to clean your Camelbak" or "how to clean your hydration pack" and you get a swath of information about the topic.  In fact, the hydration pack market is full of little hydration pack cleaning devises, hydration pack cleaning tablets, hydration pack scrub brushes, hydration pack wire frames for drying, hydration pack threads for pulling through the drink tubes, etc.  There are several Youtube videos about how to clean a hydration pack.  There are "expert advise" articles from retailers providing guidance on how to clean a hydration pack.   There are entire "clean your Camelbak" kits that are sold everywhere.

Those of us who have used hydration packs also know that we end up buying new hydration pack bladders all of the time because we left our hydration pack in the back of our car, or we left our hydration pack sitting too long in the garage, or we threw it in the closet and forgot about it for a few days...  Let's face it, hydration packs are virtual pitre dishes for bacteria, fungus and germs.  And when we fill them with sugary drinks, the polyurethane walls of our hydration pack fuse together as if they were a single sheet of plastic.   Oh, and don't forget the back wash of that granola bar that you munched on last week that is still in the drink tube, or the pasty granola bar mess now encrusted on the end of the bite valve.   YUK!

It's crazy, and a hydration system bought for its convenience should not be so darn inconvenient.

GEIGERRIG hydration packs, with the help of Hydrapak, makes having a clean hydration pack as easy as having a clean drinking glass.   Slide the slide top off of the hydration pack and place the hydration pack  in the top shelf of the dish washer.    And, don't worry so much about the granola bar fragments in the drink tube of your hydration pack; Why? Because your GEIGERRIG pressurized hydration pack sprays, so the granola bar never invaded the drink tube in the first place.