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Hydration Pack - Spray To Clean

Spray to Clean with our hydration packs

Cleaning off while hunting, biking, running, hiking, fishing, working…

For those of us who work hard and play hard outdoors, we know that it is often necessary or desired to clean off your face, hands and other body parts during activity. Additionally, we also occasionally find ourselves, or someone else, with a wound that needs cleaning and care. The patented spray action of the GEIGERRIG hydration packs provide the ability to convert your hydration pack into a refreshing, cleansing shower.

Field Hygiene - Use GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs

Sticky Hands and Faces at the Park - Use GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs

Sandy Feet In the Parking Lot - Use GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs

Muddy Gear - Use GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs

Salty, Sweaty-Soaked Face - Use GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs

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A hydration pack....Is that all this is?   Hydration packs should do more than just hydrate:

I work hard to tote water around on my back, and my hydration pack forces me to suck just to get at the water.  And my "hydration pack" basically restricts my use of the water to one thing -- to let me, and only me, have a drink!  After all, how disgusting is the hydration pack bite valve?  Who else would want a sip off of my hydration pack after my hydration pack bite valve has been sucked on all day by me and caked with the froth from my mouth and the sloppy remnants of the granola bar that I've been munching on.

Hydration packs should make it easy to use my water for many reasons and for many purposes.    My hydration pack should not say:  "Good job carrying me and all this way.  If you want to access my contents....Suck!  If you want to use my contents to do anything else, stop what you are doing, open me up, unscrew the top, and sloppily pour the water out."   A higher standard of convenience for hydration packs must be set, and GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs has done it. 

Let's face it, outdoor activity can be nasty, sweaty, dirty, sticky, dangerous and all around fun!   That why we do it, and that's why we buy hydration packs---to support our nasty, dirty, sweaty, stinky, dangerous, outdoor fun.   Our hydration pack shouldn't demand that we suck in order to "conveniently" get to the water.  Hydration packs shouldn't demand that we stop our activity, open our hydration pack, unscrew the hydration pack top and sloppily pour out the water in order to "conveniently" use the water to clean things off, cook or share.   Our hydration pack should provide quick, super-easy, versatile use of the water that we work so hard to tote around with us throughout the day.

GEIGERRIG pressurized hydration packs spray with no more effort than a pinch of the hydration pack bite valve with our fingers or a slight touch of the hydration pack bite valve with our teeth.   With  GEIGERRIG hydration packs, the water in your hydration pack sprays out to clean your nasty, sweaty, dirty, sticky body and gear.  In fact, our hydration packs spray out to clean the nasty, sweaty, dirty, sticky body and gear of your friends and family who are also enjoying outdoor activity with you.   

Now that's a hydration pack.  No - better than a "hydration pack".   It is a "showering hydration pack", "wound flushing hydration pack pack", "gear cleaning hydration pack pack", "sweat rinsing hydration pack pack", "cotton candy cleaning hydration pack", "sandy feet washing hydration pack", "camp fire dowsing hydration pack", "cook pot filling hydration pack"....     Oh so much more than a traditional ol' hydration pack that requires you to suck. 

And...  these benefits should have been provided by your hydration pack all along.  They should be expected benefits from a product that espouses "convenience".   After all, how can hydration packs claim to be convenient when a hydration pack demands that you suck.