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Hydration Pack - Filter - Spray To Cool

Geigerrig hydration packs allow for quick and easy cool down on the trail or anywhere

Staying cool and comfortable during activity is an essential part of maintaining performance, not to mention an essential issue of health and safety. Having the ability to use your hydration pack to spray a fine, cooling mist over your face, neck and body can enhance your performance and possibly save a life.  GEIGERRIG hydration packs provide this unique benefit.

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Optimal hydration is not just drinking enough water.  Hydration packs should address the entire gamut of hydration considerations.  GEIGERRIG hydration packs are the best "hydration" packs on the market today: 

Just sitting, the human body can lose up to half a gallon of water per day from respiration, urination and perspiration.   That is a lot of water for a person who is just sitting.  A true "Hydration" Pack, designed for use by a highly active person such as you, should optimize and fully address the hydration considerations associated with outdoor activity.  This is especially important when engaged in outdoor activity with young athletes whose bodies are less optimal at regulating body temperature and hydration.

A hydration pack should not demand that you suck in order to get to the water.  Hydration packs should not limit the use of the water to drinking by one person.   Hydration packs should not force a person to choose between getting a convenient drink or sucking on the bite valve of their friend's nasty hydration pack.   After all, who wants to suck on the bite valve of a hydration pack when it is caked with a pasty granola bar and filled with frothy backwash?  

Hydration packs should make it easy to share water for drinking and other hydrating purposes; and certainly, hydration packs should make it easy to apply a cool, refreshing topical spray to you or anyone else who is in need of it.  This can significantly reduce perspiration and therefore make better use of the water than is put into the body through drinking.

In addition to making it easy to use the water optimally for hydration, hydration packs should make it easy to access and use more and more water.   GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs have developed a GEIGERRIG filter that can plug right into the drinking tube.  The pressure from the GEIGERRIG hydration pack pushes the water through the drinking tube and filters the water on its way to the users mouth.  This allows you to dunk your GEIGERRIG hydration pack in a stream to refill and access more water for your hydrating use.  Click Here to learn more about GEIGERRIG in-line filtration.

Hydration packs should be very, very good at hydrating people.   After all, that has been the professed purpose of carrying hydration packs.  GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs are, in fact, the best "Hydration Packs" on the market today because these hydration packs make the water available for a larger gamut of hydrating purposes.  GEIGERRIG hydration pack also make water more available for use.  

GEIGERRIG Pressurized Hydration Packs can also do so much more than just hydrate.  Click here to learn more about the many product benefits of GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs.