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Spray To Share

Spray to Share

Pressurized hydration packs allow for sharing without swapping spit

Share the water in your hydration Pack - Hydration packs should be supportive and conducive to the social, communal and family aspects that can be the most important part of our outdoor activities. The waterfall and vista are much more beautiful and majestic when we share the experience with others.   Sharing - a key ingredient to a happy, fulfilled life!  

There are few things more nasty than sucking on someone else’s hydration pack bite valve or having someone else suck on your hydration pack bite valve. With standard, un-pressurized sucking hydration packs, there is often a good deal of filthy backwash in the drinking tube, as well as mucous and froth that builds up around the mouth during aerobic activity, which gets deposited on the bite valve. This often makes sharing water from a hydration pack a near impossibility. We know that everyone is familiar with this problem and GEIGERRIG hydration packs solve it!

The patented spray technology exclusive to our pressurized hydration packs ensures that GEIGERRIG hydration packs are always expelling water and therefore impervious to backwash.  GEIGERRIG hydration packs have clean water in the bladder and the drinking tube.

With GEIGERRIG pressurized hydration packs, you can simply share water by spraying into the mouth of another.

Also, it is easy to replenish someone else’s hydration pack by transferring water from the GEIGERRG hydration pack into another bladder using the pressure of the spray.

+ Video: Hydrate Your Best Friend - Share with your dog using your hydration pack


Prior to the arrival of GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs, the water carried in a hydration pack was safely, and justifiably protected against sharing by the clear truth that the bite valve is one nasty devise.  It was like when you were a kid and your brother wanted a taste of your Coke but you fortunately had the flu.  You could say, "Sorry brother, I'm sick, and mom doesn't want me to pass it on to you."   Same goes for the refreshing water carried in your hydration pack:  "just warning you brother, half my granola bar is now a nasty paste on my bite valve, drink at your own risk."  

This convenience of a hydration pack was not the intended convenience that the traditional hydration pack companies originally intended when they marketed hydration packs for their ease of use.

More often than not our outdoor experiences are enjoyed in a group or with a partner.  As parents, we carry the hydration packs because the kids are carrying something else or are too little carry anything at all.  When hiking, our significant other arrived at the trail head with the pack carrying our food while the other pack was to carry the water.  Or, your friend ran out of water before you did and is begging for a drink.  Let's face it, sharing is often a requirement for a happy, fulfilled life if we choose to surround ourselves by other people.  Not to mention, its nice to be able to help others when they are in need on the mountain or otherwise...especially if he or she is good looking.

Hydration packs should allow us to easily and readily share water with those around us. Our crying kids should not have to wait until we walk all the way off the mountain before they can get a drink unless they want to take the risk of spreading their little cold on through the family.  We should not have to gut down each others germs in order to get a drink from a hydration pack.  Hydration packs should be supportive and conducive to the social, communal and family aspects so central our outdoor activities and enjoyment.

GEIGERRIG hydration packs clearly and readily address this issue.  The water in your hydration pack can now be shared.  No backwash in the hydration pack drink tube to gut down.  No sucking on a nasty bite valve.  Just pinch the hydration pack bite valve and spray to share!

And don't worry about running out of water.  GEIGERRIG hydration packs can be easily refilled in a nearby stream as a GEIGERRIG in-line filter can be plugged into the drinking tube and filter the water as it travels from your hydration pack, through the drink tube on its way to your mouth.