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STABLE PACK LOAD FROM YOUR hydration bladder. 

(Video Note: Hydration Pack Stable Load, Load Capacity and Load Weight Videos Located Below)

Traditional hydration packs, as you deplete the water from the reservoir, require the reservoir to be hung inside the pack to keep it from slumping over and creating air locks and water locks that prevent the water from being sucked through the tube.  Also, as the water is depleted, the volume of contents in the pack reduces, and therefore allows the other contents in the pack to shift around inside the pack.  Additionally, the warmth from the sun glaring down on the pack, or the warmth from your body transfering to the pack, contributes to the warming of your water.  The GEIGERRIG hydraiton engine fixes each of these issues.

The pressurizing air chamber inside the GEIGERRIG hydration engine keeps the system standing straight and tall inside the pack withougt any requirement to hang the hydration system.  Just drop the hydration system into the holster, put the rest of your gear in your pack, and then pressurize with 20-25 pumps.  The pressurizing air will keep the hydration system standing straight up without any concern for slumping that results in air locks and water locks.

As the water in a GEIGERRIG hydration engine is depleted, the depleted water volume is replaced with air, thus keeping the hydration engine about the same size even as the water depletes.  This means that the contents of your pack will remain securely loaded without any shifting and destablization of your load.  Also, you can load as much gear in a pack outfitted with a GEIGERRIG pressurized hydration engine as you can with a pack loaded with a traditional hydration bladder.  All you need to do is load the hydration sleeve of your pack with your GEIGERRIG Hydration Engine, then load all the gear into the pack, zip it shut, then pressurize.  The pressurizing will simply pressurize around whatever else is in the pack.  The more gear in the pack, the less pumps required to pressurize.

Finally, you should note that the air chamber of your hydration engine serves as an insulator to your water compartment.  You can load the air chamber facing toward the heat source so that it provides an insulating buffer between the heat source (your back or the sun) and your cool, refreshing drink.


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Pressurized Hydration Packs - Defending the Truth:

As GEIGERRIG hydration packs burst onto the hydration pack scene, competing hydration pack companies began to defend their turf--and understandably so.   There had not been an significant improvement in the world of hydration packs since the world of hydration packs came to be.   Almost every hydration pack company utilizes the same basic hydration pack set-up and hydration pack argument.   Basically, a hydration pack is a backpack with a polyurethane bag in it with a drink tube that goes into the athlete's mouth.  The "hands-free" nature of the hydration packs, and the ability to carry the water on your back, provides convenience and a better hydrating experiences.  That's been the extent of the hydration pack world for over a decade.  

GEIGERRIG came along and the issues of convenience and hands-free received a whole new meaning.   The water carried in a hydration pack was now usable for so many more purposes.  Spraying the sweat off of your face.  Spraying the rubble out of a wound.  Spraying mud off of your gear.  Spraying sticking hands at a soccer game. Ever Rn out of water while on a hike or run? GEIGERIG allows you to keep pushing on and drink clean pressurized water fresh from the stream.    On and on and on.  --  So, let's invent some performance trade-offs for these benefits so as to stop the march of GEIGERRIG hydration packs.  That was the first response of the traditional hydration pack companies.  

Accordingly, competing hydration pack companies began injecting the subtle argument into the market that the addition of pressure into a hydration pack decrease the amount of gear that can be loaded into the hydration pack.   By making this argument, the traditional hydration pack companies hoped to say, "Go ahead, buy those pressurized hydration packs, but you won't be able to carry anything other than water...."  

This is simply not true, and the video "Spray, Stable Load, Same Capacity, No Added Weight" above shows the truth in plane, clear terms and demonstration.  In fact, the more gear you load into the hydration pack, the less pumps required to create the pressure required to generate the desired level of spray.   The myth propagated by traditional hydration pack companies is now debunked and proven false.